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my mom was turned down for her social security, the judge lied what should we do next?

the judge had an intern that was 70 years old there for medical advise. she was also hell bent on trying to find something wrong with her that pretand to smoking. she also would not let her speak and once she found out she smoked and went to church she ended the hearing and adventualy made her dicsision based on that. she made up info about my mom that was completly false.

in her letter she referd to the intern as an expert, he even said in the begining of the hearing that he knew nothing about her desises.

my mom has very severe arthritus and has had a major surgrey on her neck for 3 compressed vertibres and still has 2 more for the same thing farther down her back that she needs surgery. the judge evevn said that my moms doctor was a fake and hes exactly the oppisite. she is now in the prosses of appealing it. is

there anything we can do about this and where do we go to report a dishonest judge?? please help!!


i messed up in my question i ment that the jugde was mad that she didnt go to church.

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    the judge has no business getting involved in the investigation. file for a fare hearing. get an appeal. call the bar association report the judge. your mom is old enough to collect her social security. good luck

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    There are 4 levels of appeal after an initial claim has been denied. The levels of appeal are:


    Administrative Law Judge Hearing;

    Appeals Council Review; and

    Federal Court.

    I highly recommend getting an attorney. You usually have 60 days to file an appeal at each level. There's a very experienced group on-line that may be of help. They're people who have personal experience and professional contacts. See:

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    I had a mean judge like yours along with her so called expert, just appeal your claim and go thru the process, it'll take another year to come up, they will ask her to see their doctor. I went ahead at that point and got an attorney but I can't say that he did any good

    the thing that really helped me the most was my second doctor

    my regular dr wasn't helping, i got a specialist when i almost died and he really helped me, i filed a new claim at that point and it went straight through and once the second claim was approved

    SS went back and approved the original claim

    its so aggravating good luck

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    Not really much you can do on the judge, they can rule wrong, be nut cases and they get away with it.

    You can report them to the Chief Judge of the court but that is about it.

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    Call your local senior citizen advocates or Independent living services a agencies that help people get help. u need an advocate!

    Source(s): a disability advocate
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    appeal against the decision

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    Get an attorney and appeal.

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    Social safe practices is the ease you earn from operating. that's computerized once you qualify through the age of retirement, and practice. The regulations have replaced as to even as someone is authorized to entice from their SS account. some at the on the spot are prevented from that till they're sixty seven years of age. Now, Social safe practices disability is diverse. (SSD) also, Supplemental safe practices earnings (SSI) is likewise diverse. both have diverse criteria for qualification, yet both easily a kind of might want to be drawn if you're no longer of age for the retirement earnings of SS. once you've been grew to develop into down for reward it may recommend in elementary words one challenge. you in simple terms have not met the skills for whichever you've utilized to entice. maximum cases that's because of docs. docs robotically do no longer say in simple terms what's critical of their record of your condition. they could allow you to understand, yet of their record of your case they do no longer say it in the way needed that you'll be able to qualify. in case you go through the three appeals you're allowed, and nevertheless have not qualified, you could ought to commence all yet all over again, which will lose you about a years worth of reward. Your perfect guess is to first record an charm. you in elementary words have about a month or 2 for this. in simple terms bypass into the place of work with your denial and tell them you want an charm. once you're in the charm procedure, you have to be certain why they don't seem providing you with the award of reward. maximum cases they could have this on your denial letter, yet when no longer, ask them in the interior reach place of work. if you're having difficulty with your docs making their record so that you would possibly want to qualify, you'll favor to examine with your docs. in the journey that they nevertheless fail to do some thing, you'll favor to employ an legal professional. in case your docs do no longer sense you're undesirable adequate to qualify for a earnings, you're probable no longer going to get any reward till docs do sense you're in undesirable adequate a condition for disability reward. even with the indisputable fact that, they nevertheless ought to assert it suitable of their record. once you've a life-time, everlasting disability, and also you get one physician to state so in his record, you could likely get SSD to deliver you to an Internist MD. this may regularly get you the benefits once you've also taken in a letter to that inner drugs physician out of your physician that has declared you to be disabled.

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    Tell them you're Mexicans without documents.

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