how do you use a voltage meter?

for maintenance on furnaces

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    When measuring high voltages be certain you are isolated from ground.

    Most meters require the user to select AC or DC source.

    It is important that the leads are connected to the voltage jacks and not the current measuring jacks.

    When using a meter with a selectable voltage range, if the voltage source level is unknown start at the highest scale and proceed downward until a readable meter indication is achieved.

    An auto scale digital meter will read accurately without the last step.

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    List of Test Standards Recognized - through 04/01/04 * NRTL

    Test Procedure for AC High-Voltage Circuit Breakers Rated on a Symmetrical Current Basis ... Installation, Maintenance, and Use of Protective Signaling -

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    a meter movement has a built in voltage range that may be fixed or variable, movements can be used to measure mili-volts and or amperage,and you need to zero in the mid range of the potential, to get an accurate measure. oil fired furnaces deal in high secondary ignition voltages. 15-30 thousand volts.

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    if you have to ask that, for your own safety, you'd better not.

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