opinions please!!!!!!!?

ihave a 26-28 days cycle. im 7 days past ovulation. this morning when i wiped i had a very light pink dot of blood on the paper. so far my breasts are sore. i have no cramps. and i have a cold. besides tht nothing else. my cervix is low and hard, and i think its a bit open lik e my period will start. i did have thick CM buts its thinned out and clear. im due for my period in 6 days.. ya think its too early to test? what do u think my chances are??

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    I do not think it is ever too early to test if you are nervous about it, I would be freaking out! There are new pregnancy tests that detect pregnancy earlier than others, I would find one of them and hope for the best. I think you are okay, but I am not even close to being informed on this subject, I fear having kids and I am 24 years old, just not for me yet. I wish you luck and joy no matter what the answer is.

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    it may be the start of your cycle and u may be pregnant. i think it's too early to get a good positive result, wait a few more days and then test. i know it's hard tho. good luck to u!

    Source(s): pray for me and my twins! due 05.19.07
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    I think that you should take a test. If you are it will show up now. I wish you the best of luck.

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    Wait till your period time has passed and if nothing has came then go get tested.

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    Hmmmm it sounds as though you do have pregnancy symptoms but it is too soon to test. Good luck to you

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    wait at least one more week

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