what weapons did most of the soilders who fought in the battle of normandy and what were the poistions?

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    M-1 rifle. most of them were horizonal due to being wounded or dead

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    The standard American infantry rifle of both WWII and Korea was the M-1 Garand semi-automatic .30 caliber rifle that had an 8 round magazine. The standard German issue infantry rifle of both WWI and WWII was the M1898 Mauser bolt action 7.92mm rifle. For the British, their rifle was called, (I think) the Lee-Enfield .303 caliber bolt action rifle. The M1 had a big advantage over bolt action rifles since all you had to do to keep shooting was keep pulling the trigger until the rifle was empty. Bolt action requires opening the bolt manually (to eject the used cartridge) and then closing it back up to load the next round in the chamber before you can fire again.

    The disadvantage the M1 had was that when it fired its last shot, it would eject the metal clip that held the bullets with an audible metallic sound, which could be heard by opposing soldiers if they were close enough: bad news if the American was alone or away from the rest of his unit. Still, since it was much faster and more accurate than the older bolt action rifles (since the user didn't need to move his hands around while using it, thereby throwing off his aim) it was considered the best infantry rifle of the Second World War.

    Source(s): Personal experience firing all 3 weapons mentioned.
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