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I just adopted a beautiful female black kitten today...?

And I am having trouble getting my other 2 cats to accept her. I already have to cats: a 2 yr old gray and white female, and a 1 1/2 yr old tabby female. They are accustomed to one another by now and are hissing and growling at the new kitten. They are really, really hostile toward her and even toward me and my boyfriend at the moment. Can anyone give me any advice on how to introduce them to one another and get them to get along? I'm honestly affraid that if I'm not watching that they might try to jump her and maul her. What can I do to make them like each other?

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    um...you might need a cage for the new kitty(obviously for protection) ....it took me a couple of days for my cat to accept the newcomer...try to introducing them like a few times a day...eventually they'll give in...BUT DON'T LEAVE THEM ALONE TOGETHER...plus they might be hostile to you because they feel like the newcomer is getting all the attention and that she's taking over their spot...so its normal for them to be annoyed and angry for a while but don't give up

    Good Luck!

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    You may have to put the kitten in a separate room for awhile and only bring out the kitten when you have time to watch it. If you have two male cats together they will fight but it should settle down once they've figured out whose the boss. If you feel its not working, after a while you may have to find a good home for the kitten and try for a more compatible match. You must remember that a cat may not like certain cats just like some people don't like each other. The cats you already have are your family and they have a right to veto your decision.

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    It is best to quarantine it for 2 weeks. This helps in case there are any illness issues (URI are very common), and also allows the new cat and old cats a chance to get acquainted slowly. They can sniff at each other under the door, gradually getting to know each other.

    After a couple weeks, slowly introduce them, only if you can supervise them. Be sure the 'old' cats can still go where they want in the house and limit the kitten, introducing her slowly to the house, to be sure there is no vindictiveness.

    Be sure to take the kitten to the vet for deworming and a full exam before introducing them. Also, remember that for every cat in the house,there should be one litter box, plus one extra. Good luck.

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    I too recently added to my cat family. At the beginning, my other cats just hissed and hissed. I closed the new guy up in the bathroom for a day (with litter box food and water) just so he would get used to being here and the other cats could get used to his smell. It's been a week now and everybody is getting along pretty well. Just slowly introduce them together. It takes time. Especially if you have jealous cats. (which it sounds like you do)

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  • Introduce the new kitten gradually. Keep the kitten in another room until the other cats get used to her scent...then GRADUALLY introduce her to the other two. And keep a close watch on things. Eventually they just might befriend the new kitten!

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    first of all the introduction needs to happen slowly and under your supervision...if you have a cat carrier i would leave the kitten in there overnight (after she eats and goes potty first) if you arent going to be home i would leave her in a separate room with litter box and food and just give the older cats time you have invaded their space with a stranger just keep an eye it will take time but they will be friends in no time

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    you could seperate them or you could wait for a little while intil they get used to eachother.

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