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Ripping my own hair out?

Does it mean anything if I find myself ripping my hair out? I'll be sitting in class and someone will give me a disgusted look and I'll realise that I've got a wad of hair in my hand and I'm still pulling at some more. It's only happened like twice but should I be worried about it or is it just stress?

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    It's a nervous habit. I had a guy friend growing up who use to do the same thing. Just go to your doctor and see whats going on. Its not like your a crazy person or anything, but dealing with your anxiety and anger in other ways would be better. You dont want to rip out all of your hair or soon you'll be a blady. It sounds like your pretty tense. Like I said, just go to the doctor and see what could help.

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    First of all, don't be ashamed. It could be a fluke or it could be a condition called Trichotillomania...scary sounding I know but it just means hair pulling. Maybe when you are not as stressed out you won't find yourself pulling your hair. Try to do things to relax...hang in there! Talk to someone you trust if you find it is getting worse.

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    i'm in twelve months 10, and really no longer that nervous- properly, possibly because i have not began coursework and so on yet :P yet actually, Do your Coursework on time, locate time for Homework, and attempt to slot in a while for activities or some thing that can help you relax (I spend waaay too a lot time relaxing lol) also, imagine about it- whenever you've had any style of exam, you've been panicking a lot, yet now that you seem again over it, you're probable wondering "WHY did i frett over that a lot?" good luck with each and every thing chick :-)

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    It is a form of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) called Trichotillomania. There are many websites you can go to so you can learn more about this disorder and then you can decide whether or not you feel you may need therapy.

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    STRESS....yes........worry about it? Hell ya......girl our hair is everything to us. My son used to twirl his hair in his finger....he realized one day the hair was a lot thinner. You need to find something else to do when you are bored or nervous.

    You might want to try doodling something somewhat artistic.....try sketching whats around you.....better than pulling your hair out!

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    I believe its stress so tape ur hands or something to ur desk and quit pulling it out or you'll be bald around 30.

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    take a deep breathe

    and stop ripping your hair out

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    it sounds to me that is your way of realizing stress kind of like pl that cut them self just u pull out yer hair

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    my 45 year old friend does this and she has barely any hair left, you can see straight to her scalp and she she said it started as a teen as a nervous habit you have to stop this.

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    wow, yea way too much stress. you may need to seek help. seriously if you are doing something without realizing you have a problem that needs to be addressed.

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