What was the point of the Iraqi invasion..other than oil????

thousands of innocent civilians are dying ..more so now than when Saddam was in power.. Al Queda, who were not in Iraq before the invasion are now in Iraq... There is an INCREASED threat of terrorism NOW than there was BEFORE the Iraq invasion. Why Are the Bush family so intent on War with these people..?? Does it boil down to the Bible and their religious beliefs?? by the way i believe religion is evil..please comment

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    Unfortunately the Bush White House looked at the wealth of information given to them and did not make the correct interpretation of the details. Easy mistake given the multitude of plausible puzzle pieces and the inherent desire to accept the validity of a national machevailian entity behind Al Qaeda. No one in the essentially amatuerish white house could accept that 9/11 was the result of a bunch of ragheads plotting on their own without some enemy countries help. The essential mistake was in assuming that because the terror group lived oon the fringes of civilization they could not have acheived such a task wihout help. Once the mistake was realized, i believe before the invasion, no-one in the White House was of sufficient moral fibre to admit to having been wrong, as they still cannot do. Powell stepped down over the whole sorry affair but his loyalty to his country and the leadership, however misplaced, keeps him silent still. his story is still to be told and , post Bush, he will speak.

    Even now there is denial of error and attempts to rewrite history on the part of the Bush White House.

    Given all that, Iraq is a fact and cannot now be walked away from. To succeed is going to take much more attention to the restoration of the infrastructure and much better security enforcement and that will take more men on the ground. better to spend the effort now and get out ahead with a secure Iraq in the short term, (if Iraq disintegrates it is better that it is seen to be their own choice by leaving them with the tools to make that choice), than to bleed , economically and morally over a much longer and more futile future.

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    Oil?? Once again the rambling diatribe from someone who has OBVIOUSLY never been to Iraq to see all of the positive things that are happening there...first hand.

    Fine...believe that religion is evil. Why not go over to any Muslim country...I suggest you start with Saudi Arabia or Indonesia...and tell every Muslim you meet that their religion is evil. Be very glad that if you do live is the USA...you can say that with out the fear of being killed on the spot (stoning or beheading is the preferred technique).

    And your use of the euphemism "these people"...is that some kind of racist code?

    I spent 18 months in Iraq and traveled to 4 other Arab/Muslim countries. And the vast majority of Iraqi people I met were grateful for our presence there. They want the war to end just as every American service man does.

    Based on the bias of your question I doubt you have the political background or knowledge of the middle east and its history to understand the absolute fear of the other Arab nations (except perhaps Jordan and Egypt) of the establishment of a democratic republic in Iraq...or anywhere in the middle east. And I don't have the time or inclination to educate you on the obvious.

    Source(s): former army officer 18 months in Iraq spent time in Kuwait, Qatar, Baharain....
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    Religion is not nearly as evil as ignorance.

    Increased threat of terrorism? I'll go put the news on, because I've missed that we've been attacked again.

    Oil? What oil? What oil have we gained from this war?

    Thousands of innocent civilians are dying? That's a stretch, but at least it's over there, not here.

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    George Dubya and the gang thought that after years of sanctions they could stroll into a weakened Iraq, help set a friendly government and....... oil of course.Hind sights 20/20 . If the US had spent the vast war money in Afganistan instead of Iraq ,to build schools,hospitals,and infrastructure helping the people of that impoverished nation(remember that terrorist dont represent the people they claim to just their own insane self interest).I think that we'd have a better world image. Remember the world was behind us and sympathetic after 9/11 . I think that GW and his gang just arent very smart. but what do I know.

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    You don't think for yourself much, you hit about every liberal talking point, you are a good little solider for the left. Oh and where is all this oil we went to war for? If we are getting all of Iraq's oil why are we still buying from Chavez, I would think since you insinuate how sensitive the president is that after being called the devil he would stop buying oil from someone who called him the devil.

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    It has little to do with oil, and everything to do with strategic planning. America needs a toehold in that part of the world to get a grip on it. They will move to control the Mediterannean and the Caspian and Indian bodies of water. They will move on Iran. They will never leave the middle east as long as it is necessary to have strategic land control.

  • Anonymous
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    To have our men on the ground in a friendly country--close

    so if any nutcase goes off over there We can be in their face right now

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    every body thinks its about oil. its not about oil its about making a society that has the means to become a global consumer of goods. its big business to make the Iraqis control the flow of oil and make a profit, their by creating an economy that will be able to import and purchase goods from the USA and other countries. its about money.

    they really don't care about much else. they just want a viable economy to purchase goods and for the big company's of the world to turn huge profits from this new oil rich economy.

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    Well, go ahead and surrender, then. We have been at war with the Muslims since 1979, but suddenly you America haters want to give in to criminals.

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    Destabilizing the middle east perhaps? You don't wanna have those guys unite and get strong...

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