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egine codes?

how do peole know about all there engine codes k20,b16,sr20 where do u go 2 find there out?

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    Gotta know a bit more than that. If the car is newer than 1996, the codes you have are the proprietary manufacturer codes, and are meaningless to anyone but the dealer.

    If the car is older than 1995, Autozone or other parts stores will be helpless to retrieve the codes, because for the most part the only thing they have to work with is the OBD II protocol code readers, and will only function on OBD II compliant cars.

    OBD II codes for the powertrain will follow this convention---

    P0171 "System too lean, bank 1"

    Letter or First Digit

    P = Powertrain

    B = Body

    C = Chassis

    U = Network & Communication

    Second Digit

    0 = SAE designated code

    1 = Manufacturer specific

    Third Digit Affected Subsystem

    1 = Air / Fuel control

    2 = Fuel System (Injectors)

    3 = Ignition System (misfire)

    4 = Auxilary Emissions (EVAP, EGR, CAT, AIR etc)

    5 = Vehicle Speed & Idle Control

    6 = Computer System (PCM etc.)

    7 = Transmission

    8 = Transmission

    Fourth & Fifth Digits

    Specific circuit / component identifier

    This protocol is required by Federal law, and there are no permitted exceptions.

    So, get us some more information, and get back to us.

    Good Luck

    Source(s): ASE Tech
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    They have had their vehicle scanned and have been told the code #'s that were present. This can be done by a garage, a dealer, or even some parts stores. Some vehicles will even do flash codes, count the # of times the check engine light flashes

    2 blinks then pause 3 blinks then pause would mean a code 23. Just giving that as an example not as an actual code.

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    Autozone does a free code check if the check engine light is on. Also, you can get a Hanes manual for your particular model and the codes are listed there too.

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    Those don't look familiar to me !!!!!!!!

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