Would you still be a server (Waiter, waitress)?

If all restaurants decided tomorrow to pay minimum wage, and to banish the tipping system forever, would you still do the job? I wouldn't, and I think that's what people should think about. It's a very hard job to do, alot of people out there couldn't do it for a day. So you people who think you're clever by leaving a card stating " I am not leaving you a tip, ask your employer to pay you a living wage" think about this. You will not have the quality of people serving you in restaurants if this becomes the case. We gamble you will tip us well, we do that by giving you the best we can give. Pay attention to the attitude you get at a fast food joint to the attitude you get at for example Red Lobster. Which would you choose for your night out?


Believe me, if it weren't for the majority of my guests being kind and generous, I wouldn't do this job. But the rude or cheap people really do get to me. Thank you all you kind generous patrons.

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    Better idea, why don't we have the employers and or company hot shots change places for awhile, lets see if they can survive on the pay, no perks, and rude patrons.

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    No way. The amount of people's abuse and B.S. I put up with in restaurants was only made bearable by the income.

    Some people don't compute that they are paying for service. If servers were solely paid by their employers, your server wouldn't care at all to pay attention to your stupid requests for extra lemons and sugar for your water or your "allergies"

    My advice is to be the best server you can be and feel sorry for the sad sacks who leave less than 15% or stupid notes. It's not always easy to not let them get to you, but it really all works out in the end and you being angry and negative are not going to help you any. If you truly hate it, get out.

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    I'm a server and if they ever change the pay to min wage and no tip i wouldnt do it cause you have alot of rude customers and you depend on your tipsi enjoy working in the restauant business alot of cust just tip 2 dollars on a 20.00 bill but then there are customer that tip 10.00 on a 15.00 bill it all has to do with on how well you treat you guest and make sure everything is good for them

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    Well I am a waitress also and I agree with you about the job being a hard one and then the sidework is also a lot it seems.Minimum wage would not cut it.People should respect places that are a tipping environment and tip if it is so deserved.Tips stand for "To Insure Personal Service" and we deserve to get a tip when we work our best for it.

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    I waited tables to get through school for a while and I won't ever do it again. People will spend $60 at lunch and still only leave a few bucks tip because "it's only lunch, not like we had an expensive dinner". I tip at least 20% when I go out now, and if I don't have enough cash to tip, then I don't go out.

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    I waited tables for 6 years putting myself though college. I am still shocked when I go out, people are so rude and inconsiderate. I think everyone should work in food service at least once. Its one of the hardest jobs I have ever had to do. I would not do it again.

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    Even with the tips, I only did it for a while. However I have an aunt and several cousins that did it their whole lives. Many people don't tip as they should which is why I tip well unless the server is really incompetant.

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    I am a server, and I can tell you that another way that is hard to pay bills is with religious tracts and compliments. I wish I could deposit those in the bank. As for your question, no tips, no server!

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    Waiting table is one of the top 5 most stressful jobs you can have. It ranks up there with an Airtraffic Controller. Too bad it doesn't pay like one! LOL!

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    tips are the only incentive to wait tables. I wouldn't do it...luckily I don't think there is any danger in that changing.

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