Dodge Pacifica 2007 or Chrysler Town and Country Touring Edition? 2007?

Which is easiest to load boxes and cargo and easiest to drive? Which works best for a person 5 foot 4 inches tall and who is not always comfy in car seats? Which has best visibility? Snow is not an issue for me. No kids, this is for work. Usually no passengers. I have arthritis so it has to be easy to load, unload and close and open. Safety is also an issue as I travel a LOT.

I have to decide by tomorrow and these are my only two choices.

Help! Informed opinion only.

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    1 decade ago
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    the CHRYSLER pacifica would probably be your best bet if money is not a consideration. it is a little heavier than the T&C and would probably be the safer of the two. in reality, there is not a lot of difference in safety or convenience so it really comes down to which one you are more comfortable in. test drive both before deciding.

  • 4 years ago

    Sporty and skill to rigidity in snow are a confusing blend. i'd ought to assert a Subaru Legacy GT AWD. they have shown music archives, are good, manage properly and carry their values properly adequate. A Mercury Milan AWD is likewise worth of interest, yet Ford's do no longer have the perfect reputations even as it contains lengthy time period reliability and resale values. A Mazdaspeed6 also has AWD. i'm no longer particular how properly they are going to delay, and the AWD is meant extra for dealing with and getting the skill to the floor. they're particularly low, so no longer particular how sensible they could be in the snow. in addition they have a tendency to come back geared up with summer tire, and they are ineffective even in the rain. If FWD will suffice, you could not bypass incorrect with a Camry V6, ideally the SE version. The Honda Accord is likewise an remarkable determination, yet i'd wait til the 2008's come out genuine quickly. One useful hint, do no longer purchase some thing with run flat tires and no spare. Run apartments very last 1/2 as lengthy, are 2 cases as intense priced, and maximum shops can not even replace the tires.

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