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How do you potty train a boy.?

I have a 3 yr. old (almost 4) who will not go to the bathroom, he won't even tell me when he has to go, he just keeps on playing and does it in his pants. I've tried being nice, I've tried being mean, I've given prizes when he does, takens things away when he doesn't, I'm lost. I don't know what to do.

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    he won't pee or poop on the toilet? My suggestion for getting him started if the answer to both is no, is to make a game out of himpeeing in the toilet. I put cheerios or froot loops in the toilet, just a few and then have him pee on the cereal pieces to see if he can sink them to the bottom. If he goes in the toilet give hime a reward, a couple m&m's or a hershey kiss, etc...if he gets that job mastered your half way son got used to peeing on the toilet and realized it was a lot nicer to have clean pants then take the time of cleaning poopy diapers!

    good luck!

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    My son's always watched their dad go. Then he would say, "your turn" and have then give it a try. Sometimes they would go, other times they didn't. We did the "aim and shoot for the Frootloops" in the toilet too. My kids absolutely hated having wet pants, so training went fairly fast.

    Have your son stand at the toilet every hour on the hour for 3 to 5 minutes. (Atleast stand in the bathroom with pants down or off) If he does go potty, you can skip the next hour.

    Do this all day for several days. Be consistant.

    When I was potty training my kids, I did not allow them to wear diapers at all during the day. I just doubled up on undies and we did a lot of activities outside and in the kitchen on the hard floor.

    Potty training is just one of the many parenting challenges you will face. Just wait till he's a teen!!!! Ha ha ha!!!

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    diligence on your part is the best way, my son was also three before he learned and it came down to us literally sitting in the bathroom til he went. Sometime it would be 20 mins, others it could be an hour, but we never left the bathroom til he had gone. After we did this for a about a week or two, he started catchin on and was potty trained before I knew it. Hang in there, its that firt initial hump that sux, but after that its much cheaper!

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    I have three boys of my own. This is what worked of me. Start with a portable potty and "big boy underwear".Take the potty into the kitchen.This will take awhile so use the time to clean you kitchen.The sound of running water will help with the urge to "pee pee". Offer juice and snacks as you normally do. He will get "that look on his face when is about to "poo poo". The wetting is a little harder to recognize,but as soon as you see the pants getting wet,sit him on the potty with praise.It may take a day or so,but he will get the hang of it and enjoy the one on one time with mom. Good luck with all you do.Boys are easier than girls. I also have two girls.

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    Make him come in every 20 minutes to try. And use pullups until he is trained. He needs to have a man to show him how. Put cereal in the toilet for him to sink, or liquid soap so he can make bubbles. Don't change from nice to mean and then back. Be patient and stick with it. Eventually he will do it, if he goes to preschool or kindergarten and continues to do it everyone will make him change, because he won't want them saying mean things to him.

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    Do you have a male figure to help you out with this, put something in the toilet for him to hit while peeing. If it's number two put him on the toilet until he goes, when he gets tired of sleeping on the toilet he will get the idea. And for goodness sakes DO NOT put a diaper on him. He messes in regular underware a couple of times he will start using the toilet!

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    I'm going to have the same problem boy is almost 2! A friend of mine told me to throw Cheerios or another similar type of cereal into the toilet and have him aim for it. Another friend told me to have him start him training in the sitting down position like a girl. I wish you luck..I'll be joining you soon!!

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    Patience. Easier said than done, I know. My son is now 6. He was 4 years old when he finally was potty trained. What helped motivate him is, he wanted to go to pre-school. We told him that he could go only if he was potty trained first. When he finally started going by himself he told us he could go to school now. Every child is different. Our daughter was potty trained soon after she turned 3 and our son was over 4.

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    it would help if you had a guy around coz he could take him to the bathroom with son was 3 when he was trained,i tried everything just like you did and then one day i put a pair of training pants on him and he all of a sudden started going on his might check with his dr. there could be something wrong.good luck

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    the way i potty trained my son ,i put cheerios in the toilet and told him to shoot them.believe it or not i couldnt get him out of the bathroom

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