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Just recently in Chicago. A horde of lawyers partnered up with a group of blacks and have filed suits against several major banks for "reparations." I mean seriously it has been 200 years and they decide to bring it up now. Why, did they waste all the equal opportunity jobs and blow their free college money on crack? I remember an extremely wise man who said, "Give a ******(N) an inch and he'll want a mile." The black race is sucking America dry from the interior and from the exterior (Africa). We are their sugar daddy and they know only one definition. Will they ever stop?


Nijihem: How could you POSSIBLY say that whites and blacks are in a love/hate relationship. I wish to god I would never have hate for anyone. I do not take pleasure in hating the black race! Hate is not a good thing in the least and should not be needed to live in America. And remember hate can only be answered by a hate greater than which started the discourse. This is the basis for all conflict. So when all our entreaties for "kiss-and-makeup" go ignored I grow angry that this situation is allowed. Don't they see? The longer they are dissatisfied with more than they deserve they merely propagate the belief that their demands will never be met so why try. Their fate is up to them and I fear it will a horrible end to their race.

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    1 decade ago
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    no if they wanted to be treated equal then theyll hav to forget the past or we coung go back to killing them if they *** *** want

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    Now, hold on just one second! I think when it comes to Africa, things are the other way around - the US and "superpowers" still robbing Africa and masking plundering and attempt to neo-colonialization (after creating chaos) with little handouts! But about your Black American brethren, y'all need to figure it out. I, too, believe "Black and White Americans have a hate-love relationship that they actually embrace and cannot live without. No one has depicted this relationship better than Chuck Jones in his "Tom (White American) and Jerry (Black American) catoon series"! Me-ow.

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