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His mother??????????

Why is my future husband avoiding introducing me to his mother? We have dated know for 3 years? He just said his italian moma wont like me because i am spanish/french and not italian!He never told her i was not italian!?Could someone explain this too me?


I love him but what gives?he is also panicked that i am pregnant before the wedding?

Update 2:

only two weeks along.

Update 3:

The wedding is in december winter wonderland theme!

Update 4:

I did meet his father and his sisters and exc.

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    some families are very traditional, and only like for the sons or daughter to marry into the same nationality they are. you could always go and introduce yourself to her if she lives in your local area, of he could be lyning to you and is secretly ashamed of you and has a fat wife and 6 kids two states over. who knows?

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    It sounds like his mother is from the old school...only nice Italian girls for her boy or no girl at all! I'm Italian & french and my guess is that there's something else going on here---you said you've met the father & sister...something is fishy !!! If you've met the father the mother must know something of your background---is the wedding already set in motion ??? Invitations out ? Secured location of wedding ceremony & reception? You say you're a few weeks pregnant---come Dec. you'll be a few months along and the old momma will be able to do the simple arithmatic when the little bambino arrives. Something is fishy and I suggest you get it all on the table asap! Tell your fiance he either introduces you by the end of next week or you will introduce yourself. For him to avoid introducing you to his mother is ridiculous!

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    He obviously cares more about what his family would think about you than the love he has for you (if he truly loves you). He is hiding something deeper than just you not being Italian. If I were you I would do some investigation. Maybe you need to take it upon yourself to meet his family. Let them know you guys plan to get married and that there's a child on the way. If not, make him take you to his family. I don't know how you have allowed three years to go by and not meet his family. Something just doesn't sound right. I hope love hasn't blind you. Time to put your foot down.

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    Have you thought about he is living a double life? There is a bigger picture here, and you would be the fool not finding out what is the real deal.. Sometimes people get into something knowing good and well they will never marry you because they have someone else.. its been three years you should of met her in the first year. plus if he loves you does it really matter what his mother thinks when he wants to spend the rest of his life with you.

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    first of all, why in the world would he put that kind of an image in your head about a woman you have never met?

    she may see you and be all good, but because he has already put bad vibes out there, you may react the wrong way.

    three years is a long time to meet his mom, but beleive it or not, it was about three years before i met my boyfriends real mom, he had his own issues with her, but because i am the mature woman i am, he introduced us, and we have been friends ever since, despite her past.

    tell him to get over it, and grow up, when you meet her, act as if it's nothing, and she will see you for who you are, not what you are.

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    you have a mommas boy clashing with trying not to let you get hurt although his efforts may be admirable he forgets your the one he is marrying and you will be number one. you need to explain to him you will meet her.... set up a date with his mother either by mail or phone or even through a family member and explain that you WILL meet her at that time he can either be there or not but you will, when this meeting happens expect and plann your reactions to his mother according to what he said she would be like and be prepared to handle it with out being hurt or making things worse. mom and son need to understand you are the number one person and should be treated as so, your husband tobe may have honaerable intentions but they are not soothing what could be a hell of a wedding.... when you meet mom always be upfront never lie (pregnant or your decent) congrats and the best of wishes on the up coming wedding and the future baby............. name him after me?????

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    omg u havent met an italian woman yet have u.? not the young ones but the old fashioned ones..boy oh boy..u havent seen hell yet but u soon will...she will think ur a tramp and then some ...and their boys are gold to them...good luck ill pray for u..omg that is another thing do u feel bout being catholic? u might want to think bout that

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    I hope you do NOT plan on marriage. If his momma has that kind of control, it wont work. Runnnnnnnn while you're still able!

    There are a variety of sayings that are very true.

    One of which is: you dont marry the person, you marry the family!

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    You better prepare yourself for the future. Your mother in law will never like you so be ready to face a difficult relationship with her.

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    He's a momma's boy and sounds ashamed that ur not him on it

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