Is livejournal the same as myspace?

I had to delete my myspace account cuz of my parents but know my brother is getting a livejournal....

Isn't it the same thing???



I highly agree to Mandy!!!

(runs off with a knife and an evil glimmer)

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    My Space is basically a web page, while livejournal is more of a blog. Both have blogs but LJ is based on blogs and communtiies.

  • cissy
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    4 years ago

    i could be VERY careful approximately letting somebody that youthful play around with a private information superhighway handle(or some thing reminiscent of a myspace). young ones, regrettably, are top targets for internet predators and might get in an entire heap of hardship if the region would not enable absolutely everyone decrease than a definite age to be on that website. i might wait until eventually she's slightly older to enable her have some thing like that. Myspace claims to be risk-free yet easily do not I repeat do not( no count what absolutely everyone else tells you) enable her get entangled with that website. in case you seem at it Myspace has had extra issues than they are able to maintain song of and in the journey that your daughter in simple terms needs it to communicate to friends then tell her to apply the telephone rather or deliver them an e mail.

  • Amanda
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    1 decade ago

    It's not quite the same.

    Live journal is a journal (lol obviously) but you can still upload pictures and people can view everything you post.

    But still.. if you can't have a myspace, that doesnt seem fair that he can have a livejournal. Just set your myspace to private and no one but your friends can see it.

  • Yeah pretty much, except live journal is like a journal or diary where you can post blogs about your wonderful day! :)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yea, I tihnk so....check out the site and see.

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