What is The Best Way To Gain Muscle And What is the good Way And The best way To loose weight????

Am fourteen turning 15, i really wanna gain Muscle and wanna lose some weight please someone help me, i heard drinking hot water with 6 tablespoons of vinegar works, i want an good way to do it can someone give me some tips like good and heathly protein shakes not that much sugar, Best low Sugar Energy Drink or good protein bars, plz i really need help i wanna lose weight and go back to the way i was when i was ten, i gained some weight but i have still got muscles not that big though,cause i work out sometimes, i really need help, i know there are some smart people on yahoo answers that could help me!! if i knew something and somebody ask this question i would help them, you dont have to type much just give me the most you know

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    Clinically speaking; lifting weights using compound barbell exercises (Squats, Dead lifts, Bench Press, Dips, Pull-ups, Military Press and so on) in the 8-12 repetition range (1-3 sets for each major muscle group approx 2 times a week) will greatly raise your testosterone. You should also keep your nutrition solid with 4 to 5 small healthy meals including fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats and whole grains. Following a regular sleeping pattern and avoiding excess alcohol will also help. Once you devote about 12 weeks to this basic program you will want to go on a more varied program. Changing your reps every week or so. It will take time and persistence to achieve your goal, but you can do it. Unless your taking anabolic steroids (not recommended) then the average person will max out at adding 2 pounds of lean muscle mass weekly until your body adapts to the program. This is why you should always change your program every few weeks to keep growing after you complete a base 12 week system like the one listed above.

    I also recommend looking up supplements for testosterone on consumberlab.com. You cannot trust ANY adds, the only way to know is if they have passed third party clinical studies (no not the bogus ones listed on the labels)


    I am a Clinical Exercise Specialist

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  • Don't be overly concerned about weight. Focus more on looking good and being healthy. You will gain more muscle as you get older. Be patient. Until then, to lose weight, remember:

    Diet is extremely important. To slim your body you must:

    Burn more calories than you eat.

    Cut your fat intake.

    Eat three cups of fat free low cal yogurt a day (make sure it has live cultures in it) and pineapples. This helps you break down your food.

    Do 45-60 min. of aerobic exercise a day (preferably before you eat in the morning). This will attack the fat.

    To gain muscle:

    Do 30-45 min of weight training three times a week. Lift heavy weights using 3 sets of three.

    Be Blessed

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    good old diet and exercise, but you dont need to concentrate too much on weight change right now b/c youre still growing. but control your sweets intake, and exercise moderately, regularly. take vitamins and drink plenty of water. no better way. :D

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    hey i think the best way to gain muscle and lose weight is to exercise at least thats what i think

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