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Why do silver jewery turn black when I wear them?


They are real silver and of course I wash daily. This is something that started recently, I buy very expensive silver accessories and it starts getting dark after few days. It turns dark as if it's been burnt / thrown in to fire.

Someone told me that it's a sign of ill health, but I don't feel unwell

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    It's tarnish--a sulfur reaction in the metal. Happens to all silver, but it's worse on some people (like me) because our skin speeds up the chemical reaction. You can tell you have good silver if it says .925 on it, but more silver=more tarnish. Oh, well.

    Do what I do--get some white toothpaste. It has to be white, and it has to be *paste*--no gel. I like Pepsodent. Wet the jewelry, put a blob of toothpaste on a wet rag or washcloth, and rub the jewelry gently. Rinse and dry the jewelry. Ta-da! Tarnish remover with no nasty chemical stink! Smells minty fresh! Do this when your jewelry looks dull or gets black in the crevices of the design. Cheap, smells good, works good.

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    Silver Turns Black

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    Silver turn black is a normal natural phenomenon, because of the air , so the silver will oxidize and has certain corrosion effect.When we wear the silver a certain period ,there will be some tiny spots on the silver and even become black,due to oxidation phenomenon. Below is the maintenance:

    (1)don't wear other precious metals together with silver jewellery, so as to avoid collision deformation or abrasion. (2) avoid contact with water vapor and the silver chemical products, avoid wearing when swimming, especially to the sea. (3) after a daywearing we need to use the cotton cloth to wipe clean the silver jewelry and plut it into the box or the bag sealed. (4) if the silver oxide black already, we can use soft brush with toothpaste to clean it

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    Why do silver jewery turn black when I wear them?

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    Silver oxidizes and that speeds up against the skin. Some people can't wear it at all do to the compounds to make the different purities of silver such as nickle. Hope that helps


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    your body's excretions such as sweat corrode the silver, and the air also has agents that tarnish it. To prevent this, you can either buy silver cleaner at the store, or you could use toothpaste and an old toothbrush to clean it. Just make sure you don't use your fingers with the toothpaste, because your fingers will turn black!

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    Could be caused by sweat or if you wear perfume near the silver. To clean it,dampen a cloth,dip in cigarette ash,rub the silver with this then buff with a clean cloth. Or leave to soak in a bowl of cola overnight

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    Sometimes silver jewlery can turn black because it hasn't been cleaned in a while. If that's not the case then the only other explination would be that it's not real silver.

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    Air tarnishes sterling silver. You can buy cleaners for silver or a jewelry polishing rag to keep silver jewlery sparkling.

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    I was having the same problem until I stopped taking my Vitamin C supplement. Couldn t keep my necklaces looking silver at all but now, they re back to normal, thankfully.

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