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Is it true that J & J is planning to buy or "merge" with Cooper Vision and/or Ocular Sciences?

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    Okay, so CooperVision bought out Ocular Sciences in 2005:

    "According to Ocular Sciences, they are the world's fifth largest contact lens manufacturer. The company has signed a definitive agreement with The Cooper Companies, Inc., the parent company of CooperVision, to be acquired by Cooper for approximately $1.2 billion in stock and cash. The merger agreement is pending FTC approval." (2005)

    "LAKE FOREST, Calif., 01-12-2005- The Jan. 6 closing of CooperVision parent The Cooper Companies' $1.2 billion purchase of fellow contact-lens manufacturer Ocular Sciences has created the world's third-largest CL company, with combined revenues under the CooperVision umbrella expected to top $755 million this year."

    As to Johnson & Johnson: if a buy-out or merge is in the works, you're the only one who knows it, because the rest of the Internet is thus far totally oblivious. The only recent mention of Johnson & Johnson in relation to CooperVision is as competitors.

    So if this bit of speculation didn't come from an inside job, I'd assume it's just hearsay...or I'd speak to the source of this info and see if there's more to it.

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