Do you support the killing in Darfur?

What has Bush done about the 400,000 dead there?

In Iraq over 300,000 civilians are dead, they are in fact liberated. Iraq is in civil war now. In Afghanastan the opium crop is up 60 percent and the Taliban has gained back most of what they lost.

BTW, Did you hear Bush say he did not understand "outrages on human dignaty". "what does that mean, it's vauge."


Why is it that Bush does not act alone and bypass the UN? Like he did in Iraq. The number of Kurds killed in Iraq with USA chemicals was far less than 400,000 dead in Darfur.

Update 2:

William M. Edit, where do you get your facts? FOX news. The Taliban has gained back most of what they lost, that is fact. Why lie?

Funny how you necons always say "write your Senator" but have no letters to show you have written. Mine are on my blog. So are the canned replys from his staff. When I put "Check enclosed" on it I maight get a real reply. It's also funny how you necons think the Government does the will of the people, that's just not true. Why lie? You cry about Clinton bending to polls of the American people than claim to others you think Government will bend to the will of the people on any issue. That's just non sense.

Update 3:

What's this? Could it be they have no oil? Could it be they provide no opportunity for Republican no bid contracts? Haliburton will not make more money for Cheney?. Tell me it aint so. No one is that callus.

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    OK, just Remind Mr Fush (Buck) that Sudan has lots of Texas TEa. HE'll go for it.

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    What have you asked Bush to do? Have your written your senator or congressman demanding action? Protested at the Sudanese embassy?

    What has Russia done in Darfur? Or China? They've blocked resolutions the US tried to pass in the UN Security Council trying to get this declared a genocide, which would allow nations to take direct action. Have you written to Putin to complain about that?

    The American president and Congress will take stronger action when the American people show an inkling that they want them to. But right now, the atmosphere in the country is against intervention anywhere.

    Additionally, the Taliban had 90% of Afghanistan under it's thumb. It has a few thousand fighters scurrying around in the south and west, hardly gaining back most of what they lost.

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    Bush has taken this matter up at the Security Council many times. The US has drafted resolutions against the killing and calling for peace keeping forces. Unfortunately, since its in the hands of the UN everyone will be dead before anything is done. Kofi Annan REFUSED to call it genocide. Had he called it genocide (which it is) the UN members would have been forced to act under the Genocide Convention.

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    Sorry, but I cannot even pretend to know what Bush means.

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    are you saying we should invade the Sudan?

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