Is it possible to not show my complete name in the IM box when using messenger?

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    there is such a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding around about keeping your First and Last Names private, some reading is required along with testing your changes and how ppl are adding your or how you are adding them... eg if you input a users name to request adding to a friends list different information is sent to if you add them via an active IM window where you are currently chatting with them

    if you're after quick fix..

    login to Yahoo! Messenger

    click on Messenger

    select My Contact Details

    at the top is Name:

    there are 3 fields that you need to complete to stop Yahoo! Messenger accessing the default Details stored in your Yahoo! Account information, these are...

    First (Name)

    Last (Name)


    take a little care if you remove the first and last name fields from you My Contact details, we've found that doing so can cause the information to be extracted from your Account Information.

    e.g if under My Contact Details if you fill in first name but don't fill in your last, you may find your last name is extracted from your Account details by default in most cases


    Account details

    first name: Jack

    last name: Jones

    My Contact details

    first name: JJ

    last name: [not filled out]

    your requests may go out with your yahoo ID but your contact details may read as JJ Jones

    we have an article at!_Messenger_version_8... if you want some more information then also check out our article!_First_and_Last_Name... regarding our experience and findings.

    best bet is to double check with a close friend as to what shows up when you are added to someones list. i read somewhere on answers that your first and last name isnt sent to a user during an add friend request unless you sent them your contact details... but this isn't the case at all so when your friend adds you make sure they right click your username in their list and select Contact Details to see what information is available to them :)

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    It really does not matter what you see in your IM box, because your friend does not see your IM box, only the message. Your friend sees what is in your "Contact details" that he/she filled out to identify who is IMing him/her. If they know your name chances are 50/50 they see your name when you IM.

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