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Jesus, Mohammad, Joseph Smith, or the Trix Rabbit. Who is the true prophet of God?


Lawrence that was an awesome reply.

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Ludd what rock do you live under? Obviously you don't have a TV.

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Eloy, I agree you are a tool.

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    Jesus wasn't a prophet, he is considered to be the incarnation of God himself by the majority of theists in the world. Mohammad, quite frankly was a plagiarist who borrowed ideas from both Judaism and Christianity and put his own spin to it, contributing nothing of real value to our religious understanding that Judaism and Christianity had not already interjected into religious discourse. The only thing he added to religion was a justification for violence by stating that it was divinely sanctioned.

    I don’t know enough about Joseph Smith to say anything about him one way or another, other than his religious movement is a marginal force, and therefore not worth addressing. The Trix Rabbit is a marketing gimmick, and unfortunately our modern religious landscape has been so commercialized that it might as well have the Trix Rabbit as a mascot.

    Unfortunately our kids are so deficient with respect to a religious education that it would not surprise me that the Trix Rabbit was more widely known than Jesus, Muhammad, or Joseph Smith.

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    For aspect variety a million. you would have the reference incorrect. I regarded it up and there is no longer something even close to to the challenge being said. aspect 2. because it hasn't occurred yet does no longer mean that it received't. it truly is something Mormon's trust will yet happen. with regard to the dimensions of a era, see Mathew 24:34 aspect 3. i do not interpret those verses an identical way you do. i do not trust the each us of a wording is bearing on the civil conflict, i trust it really is bearing on a conflict to go back a at the same time as after the civil conflict. aspect 4. The Lord does no longer count number time as guy does. no matter if it really is the Lord it somewhat is speaking, would not or not it really is his timetable? aspect 5; again the undertaking is timing which has been over and over addressed above. Your unnumbered aspect. section 132 changed into RECORDED in 1843. there is historic info that it changed into received and said earlier that aspect; as early because the 1830's i ought to apply extra element with regard to the 1844 merchandise you aspect out. for the reason that we do not understand the context or precisely what changed into being taught through the guy you said. someone ought to practice a real doctrine consisting of faith Iin Jesus Christ in this variety of fashion that what changed into being taught changed into fake.

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    Any Prophet who "advises" his people to pray and worship One God, is a true Prophet. That includes Jesus, Moses, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, David, Solomon... etc.

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    Jesus is the Son of God as for the other 3 their in a close race.

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    I'd love to say the Trix Rabbit...but honestly, Jesus

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    Borat from Kazakhstan

    "Who the hell are Joseph Smith and the Trix Rabbit!?"

    You don't get out much do you?

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    Jesus is Son of God

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    None are prophets. Jesus Christ was is the son of God. Read the Bible!

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    jesus was a prophet and still is . its like the presidetns they will always be a presidetn but not hte one now. the n jospeh smith came and so on. get the jisy. god bless

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    He is the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last. for centuries he has spoken through prophets but we are slaves to sin. We killed them, we tortured them, and we lied to them speaking beautiful words but following the practices of this world. So in a last action for our salvation sent his son, his self manifested in the flesh to speak directly to us. so no he is not a prophet of god that is an insult to who he truly is, a great king, not a mere man but god himself. so that whom we killed was the father, we rejected the greatest miracle which every prophet and servant would have given their lives to see. So will you follow the sins of your fathers?

    Source(s): I speak what i hear, not my own words for i am but a tool, an inanimate object least the hand of god weilds me.
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