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No seriously...Will I?

If I walk for 45 minutes 4 days a week..Can I look 10 pounds?If not,what I can I do too loose them?

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    I saw a thing on the news the other day that said that walking is not doing the public much good at all because we are lazy and dont push our selves wall doing it. Your heart rate has to be up for longer than 15 minutes for you to START losing fat cells. You would be better of with a light jog.

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    hun, when I was doing 8 minute abs and 8 minutes buns each morning, walking very fast for 45 minutes, then cycling 9 - 12 miles in an hour plus stretching in the afternoon......I didn't lose a pound........however my sleep improved and PMS disappeared.

    I would say increase it to 45 minutes in the morning and evening. The key is to walk at a brisk pace, no slow walkers allowed. Then you can start light jogging, I read an article that said varying between walking, jogging and sprinting resulted in the quickest toning and fastest weight loss.

    I should probably get off my butt and join you...i could drop ten too.

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    That is a good way to start. It may not come off as quickly as you would like. Especially if you do not change your eating habits to reflect what you are doing. I would recommend that you check your caloric intake and caloric expenditure and see that you are on track to lose about 2 pounds per week. It should take about 5 weeks to lose those 10 pounds. You should walk at a brisk pace though to make sure that you are accomplishing what you want. I would try to cover about 2 to 2.5 miles in those 45 minutes.

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    Sounds like a good plan. If your weight is stable now, and you keep eating the same, more exercise will reduce your weight. Don't know if it's going to be 10 pounds or how long it will take, though.

    The link below gives you a caloric intake calculator.


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    With all that walking and if you are eating right, you could probably easily lose 10 lbs., But remember if you are running or walking fast, sometimes your legs will get muscle tone, while you will look better you may weigh the same, muscle weighs more than fat.....Good luck, and take care!

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    walking builds abs nothing else! Get a stair steper lost 43 pounds in 1.5 months!

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