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i have a cat has fleas and as i was washin her all i saw was them climbing into her mouth and eyesHELP

i washed her throughly and then i put powder on her but they were goin into her eyes mouth and ears she was bloody to so help me please let me know what i can do to help this thank you in advance

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    She needs Frontline or Advantage. These products will be absorbed into the skin to kill fleas when they bite her and also kill flea eggs. Follow the package directions or call the 800 number for help or questions.

    The concern is the fleas she has ingested. One ingested flea can produce tapeworms. This will require a visit to the vet to get the proper medicine to kill the tapes.

    Bathing a cat will not kill the fleas, I don't care what you use. Fleas are resilient creatures that can survive a bath. Flea powder is ok for bedding areas, but do little to keep the fleas from coming back on the cat.

    If she had fleas for a while and badly, she could also be anemic.

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    The reason she was "bloody" when you bathed her is - fleas bite the cat and drink her blood. Then they poop their little dried flea poop onto her skin. So when you got her wet, the flea poop turned back into blood and rinsed off. It's NOT an emergency unless she's had a lot of fleas for a long time - then she might be anemic.

    When you give an animal a flea bath, you put the shampoo all around the top of her neck FIRST, so the fleas won't run up into her eyes and ears. Now, you probably should see a vet, so she doesn't end up with an ear infection. He can also give you the best product to keep them from coming back onto your cat. Do NOT mix a bunch of different products - flea powders and sprays and liquid once-a-month applications. They may not kill the fleas, but they WILL kill your cat!

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    That's exactly what the fleas do to avoid drowning so don't be alarmed. Heat some water in a mug in the micro and remove as many fleas as you can with tweezers and use a flea comb where you can too. Dip the comb or tweezers in the very hot water and that will kill the fleas.

    Did you put a insecticide powder on her? You MUST immediately bathe her if you did. This could even be fatal unless you get it off.

    Get some doses of Advantage or Frontline from your vet to put on the cat. This will kill the fleas and keep them off her.

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    Get her some Frontline for Cats. It's about $10 or so a piece. That is the only way to get rid of fleas. You can get it from the vets office. And then I would suggest having her checked to for infection of some sort.

    The OTC flea collars do not do work that well (excpet in the vaccum cleaner) if the fleas are that bad it may take 2-3 treatments to get them out.

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    When cats have bad fleas they bleed and their fur turns orange or yellowed if it is light enough too see. When you bath her and the blood washes off it is good. Bathe her in Ivory liquid dish soap. It kills the fleas and you can use it daily and not hurt her. I would bathe her every other day until you can't see anymore fleas.Put frontline on her when she IS BETTER because she is weak now from blood loss and it may make her sick right now. You can get Frontline from the vet-about $16. for one month.You can use the Ivory dish soap on your carpets also to deflea them. Just remember to rinse it well with clear water ran through the shampooer to keep the sticky soap residue off or it will have dirt stick to it. But that is the way it is with any shampoo.The fleas have bit her so much is the reason for the blood and the fleas are trying to run from the water to get into her mouth and eyes just to get away. Just bath her a few times and vac. and shampoo the carpets and vac the uphostered furniture to get rid of the fleas in the house. You might have to bomb with a flea bomb or hire a bug spray guy to do it to get rid of the fleas. Whoever gave this cat to you needs to be told to deflea their place and help their cats also! Keep it indoors especially until it gets well.If you put it outside make sure to use the frontline when she is well. Feed it and make sure it has fresh water every day so it can get strong because she isn't now. She may play and purr but she is still sick from so many flea bites and loss of blood.Best wishes for kitty and you. Bless you for wanting to help the cat get better!

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    Take her to the vet; he can take care of the health problems caused by the flea bites. I'm guessing you have one sick kitty.

    We used Frontline on our cat when he was allowed to go outside. He is totally inside now and fleas aren't an issue.

    You'll need to get some kind of bug fogger the kills fleas and eggs in your house too if kitty lives inside. You will probably have to spray a second round with the fogger in about 2 weeks.

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    You need to take her to the VET. Flea is a parasite, so by treating her on the skin, you are not going to help her.

    Fleas lay egg, in side the blood vessle.

    Your cat need a shot, since she might already have scabbs, which are infected, and they itch very bad. She might already keep biting on them. also She need a good medicated flea bath given by the vet, followed by 7 to 10 days of anti biotics to kill the eggs on the inside. Then you have to take her back as follow-up to make sure it is healed.

    The eggs might be in the carpet too, so you also a have to get one of thoes flea powder for vacumes, and vacume the heck out of your carpet.

    Also fleas communicate via sound they make to mate. You might want to get the anti flea supersonic sound generators from pet shop. Human or animals can't hear it, but it intrrupts their communication, and ventually they can not meet to mate, if you know what I mean.

    Also Advantage anti flea given by the VET is the best. The off the shelf items are poision.

    Hope it helped.

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    Her being bloody is the poop of the flee, since they suck out blood from the cat they poop out the digested remains of the blood and depending how red the water was you may want to take your cat to the vet to make sure she has not suffered severe blood loss. You also have a very bad flea infestation and need to treat your house with sprays. I would recommend the Frontline spray because you not only spray it on you cat but you can spray your house with it. And if you vaccume you need to throw out the bag after or else the fleas will get out and reinfest your home.

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    Oh how scary, not only for the cat but for you too. It's always hardest for the owner.

    You need to call a vet ASAP! The vet can administer Frontline or Advantage, he may have to stay over night to make sure the fleas aren't eating at his insides. But please take the baby to the vet. If you can't get into the Pet ER, make sure you keep the kitty separated from all other animals in the house and yourself. Fleas jump and they have no problems getting on to other pets.

    I don't know what you are bathing the cat in, but you can try Dawn dish detergent, and while you are bathing him, get all the fleas that you see with your fingers, I know Gross, but the kitty is probably in pain. And comb when the fur is completely dry, otherwise you'll pull hair and make it even more painful.

    Good luck!

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    you purchased the fleas in time- inspite of the incontrovertible fact that that's recommended to think again the flea collar: i've got in no way had a cat who wasn't delicate to the collar, and that's in all probability why she's scratching. Now, that's recommended to deal with your place for fleas too, in case some have hopped off to place eggs. close your kitty interior the bathing room, and sprinkle your place and fixtures with borax, then vacuum after approximately 20 minutes. And save vacuuming on a daily basis for a minimum of two weeks. for procuring fleas out of your backyard, there are various fragrant herbs you could plant. reliable success!

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