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I need help!!! ABOUT SOCCER?

I played soccer when i was about 8 i was very fat. My dad always screamed at me because i was slow and i started getting nervous and stopped playing.When i was 15 my brother started taking me to play with my uncles and started getting better. In the first month that i started playing with them i started to like soccer more and more. I started juggling the ball more and doing tricks and i liked it.In 5 months that i started playing i was so much better and my uncles started complimenting me by telling me that i was gonna be the best player of my family. When i turned 16 i tried out for my school team and only made JV because i got nervous at the tryouts and thought it was because my dad screamed at me when i was little. In practice and games i get nervouse too and i just feel like a body on the field. But when i play in Gym class i play good. I need to gain confidence because the V coach said he would move me to V in a few games. I need to know how i can gain confidence so i can play V

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    Remember you are a big boy now & not an 8 year old kid, and tell yourself you don't need to prove anything to daddy any more.

    Either you have found his love in other ways during the past 9+ years and he accepts you as you are, or you have to let go of that desire for HIM to fully accept you as you are and enjoy being with friends and peers who DO accept you.

    Source(s): I was a child once. I too had a father.
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    Just keep playing!

    Soccer is, after all, just a game and you should play it for the fun of it!

    Perhaps you will never become a professional player. However, if you like it, be sure that you share this passion with millions of people around the world. Most of us aren't pros, but we just give it a try and give our best at the field. I assure you, the big majority of players suck, but we certainly have a blast!

    Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, soccer is a communion, a way to be with friends and to have some good time.

    Enjoy it and you'll get your confidence!

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    That's just rude for your dad to yell at you like that. That's probably the reason, I'm sure if you just forget about those times and tell yourself that you can do anything and set your mind to it that you would be able to do it!

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