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I need help!!! ABOUT SOCCER?

I played soccer when i was about 8 i was very fat. My dad always screamed at me because i was slow and i started getting nervous and stopped playing.When i was 15 my brother started taking me to play with my uncles and started getting better. In the first month that i started playing with them i started to like soccer more and more. I started juggling the ball more and doing tricks and i liked it.In 5 months that i started playing i was so much better and my uncles started complimenting me by telling me that i was gonna be the best player of my family. When i turned 16 i tried out for my school team and only made JV because i got nervous at the tryouts and thought it was because my dad screamed at me when i was little. In practice and games i get nervouse too and i just feel like a body on the field. But when i play in Gym class i play good. I need to gain confidence because the V coach said he would move me to V in a few games. I need to know how i can gain confidence so i can play V

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    Have fun!!! When I am out on the field I am enjoying the moment and just having fun. Next time when you get the ball, just block everything out. Don't think about what your next move is going to be, just let yourself go. If you are constantly worrying about you next move, you are going to mess up the move that you are currently doing. That's what works for me. I have done some plays that I have no idea how I did them, and when I try to duplicate them I mess up. Why? Because I thought about it to much.

    So my suggestion is to let go, loose yourself in that moment, and don't think about it just let go and do it!!!

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    I understand your feeling. Usually this happens because you are thinking ahead of yourself or behind yourself. Soccer is a true representation of one's life. When one is at peace with whatever's bothering them, the game comes out better.

    Sometimes, it's just a matter of gaining the experience. On offense, you focus on finding space. But at the same time, you must appear as if you aren't looking for anything.

    The offensive strategy is an incredible mind game. Sometimes you try to be the decoy to confuse the defender; other times you slow down your dribbling or speed up. Whatever you do, always act as if you have a reason for what you are doing. If possible thinking long and wide when you pass; think "going forward" and most importantly, let the ball find you.

    On defense, it is easier to relax. You focus on checking people and anticipating where passes may go. Often times, you want to see 5 seconds ahead of what's going to happen. Always focus on the ends and look for the "sneaky wanderer" trying to find an open spot to score from. Assume that the strikers are faster than you and always focus on keeping your legs close together so that you will not be embarrassed by the "in between the legs trick." Never let a striker get in front of you with the ball. If the striker makes an incredible shot and you were in position, then, you did your job.

  • O' dear u know when i play my first game in front of thousands of people i did not knew what to do when i have ball but with the passage of time all the things went normal and and may be after few months when i play again in front of coud i was admired as one of the best players of the match.

    my advise is please don't be disappoint and keep playing u will get confidence after u have played few games of such level.

    wish u all the best

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    its not as tough as you may think, the moment will come were you do a brilliant play on the field, others will compliment you on that move, and you'll gain confidence that way.

    So just wait for that opportunity it'll come, instead of wasting your thoughts on what will this time go wrong.

    It'll come I promise you.....

    by the way I am German I used to play with Gerd Müller in Florida when he lived there.

    good luck you wont really need it.

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    I LOVE playing soccer too. i get nervous a lot too. what i would do if i were you i would forget all about my dad i would just be a free spirit on the field. Just try and forget about it. It is really hard though... i know.. it seems impossible to not be nervous. I get nervous during my soccer games and my dad nver yells at me. I hope my advice works. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR SITUATION : )

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    hi i am from BRAZIL, so we live soccer.

    Just do it for fun. If u become nervous or stressed, think better. When u becom a great player, your family will enjoy too.

    Its no problem, its like a people who want to be musician or artist. The family dont likes so much, but latter....

    (sorry about my english, i speak portuguese)

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    bro b4 playin in da v, play a pro tournment sumwhere else...where nobody knows u...ask ur bro or uncle 2 take u n play u in a pro tournment...not for big boys but play wid pple of ur age catagory...gain ur confidence there...n practice everyday at home...u'll b a pro urself 1 day n be a gud player in v wid heaps of me,it worked for me!

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    first of all loss ur weight after that do ur practice very well and take phycology class to develope ur confidence

    good luck

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    Just get out there and think your better then everyone else lol !! and u probally are anyways !!

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