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How can I have her stop touching me?

Okay, I'm 13, and my singing teacher touches me. She doesn't do anything sexual,(she's Russian, if you want to know, probably in her late 30's early 40's.) She touches my stomach to make sure I am breathing properly, and sometimes for no reason, she holds my hands. She is really nice, and I can tell she really likes me. For some reason, I just do not like being touched. How do I get her to stop touching my stomach and such so often? I would like to tell her to stop, but I don't know how to. I feel kind of weird and embarassed asking her that. So, please help!


She is a really nice person, and I would not want her to get fired. Also, it isn't a part of my school. It is way seperate.

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    Well on the stomach, she has to.. she has to make your your singing is coming way down deep.. now the holding hands part. you can simply say. Mrs or Ms ? Can you please stop holding my hand am not a young girl anymore I am trying to grow and blossom into my teens years without being babied, something to that fact.

    The fact is she might not be aware of all the touching let her know.. there are all kinds of sexual harassment.. also you can inform her of that.. You don't want her to get in trouble for all the extra touching can you please stop someone might think your harassing me sexually.

  • Ask your teacher if her touching you has anything to do with the singing or music lesson,and breath control-if not explain that you would rather not be touched unless it HAS got something to do with the lesson.

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    just tell her that you understand that she is trying to help you,but that it makes you really uncomfortable.sometimes when you have to express your self to someone who is an authority figure,it makes you feel sort of embarassed that they might think youre questioning what theyre have the right to decide who can or cant touch you.dont be afraid to express yourself.i really hope this helps you.

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    i think u should straight out tell her that u dont want to hav her touch u because it makes u feel uncomfortable... i would recommend to talk to her aftr class or aftr skol so u dont really cause a scene cause thats probly the last thing u want to hav... tell me how it goes!! ^_^

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    talk to her in private and tell her that it makes you feel uncomfortable when she does that. tell her you appreciate her teaching, but you find the touching a distraction from her point

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    catch her after class and tell her you don't like to be touched, if she continues get her *** fired

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