to remain proper;how long should you wait to get remarried after a divorce?


im not looking to get remarried please mine will be final 12-4-06 i was just curious god knows i dont need no more problems lol

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    I believe there is only one answer to this question. and that would be.....When you Feel you are Ready! my parents are divorced going on 3 years. my mom, she is engaged. Some people might think that is real soon. But he treats her like a princess and Lives for the ground she walks on! hes like her Prince and I couldnt ask for a better man for her.

    Do you have any kids? If you do Talk with them and see how they feel. or once you find some one you may want to settle down with again. Talk to your kids then. I think its very Importanat to talk with your childern on the issue. But like I said Only you can judge what is a good time to remarry!

    Good luck!

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    You should probably check with the local courthouse to find out if your state has laws governing this. A friend of mine in Kansas had to wait 30 days from the date her divorce was final before she could remarry, but I also know of people who do it right away. Just make sure that you have all of your issues taken care of before you move on because having a lot of baggage is not a good thing for a relationship.

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    UMMMMM Depends on whether or not you can get the judge to sign a provisional marriage license. Mine did and I got married again 30 minutes later to a guy I had known for 10 DAYS. Judge also made the ex pay for the wedding and honeymoon by way of a sizeable settlement in an at-fault divorce case.

    As to anything else as soon as your divorce is FINAL it is legal to remarry.

    For the record my 2nd husband and I were married for 15 years 2 weeks 2 days and 27 minutes until the very moment that the doctors pronounced him flat-lined out of life support from a massive coronary at the ripe old age of 37.

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    Wait until you are sure that you haven't anymore unresolved issues with your ex. You don't want any rebounding effects. I have been divorced for a year, apart for two. I will probably think about getting remarried by Christmas. I mean, I am over it now it's time to start a new chapter in my life. Life is to short to be without the person you love!

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    I would say anytime after 12/5/06 in your case.

    Honestly, I don't know if there is a timetable. Just try to learn from what happened in your previous marriage, and don't repeat those mistakes in your next relationship. Best of luck to you!

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    proper here should be taken as a common understanding.

    for a christian no time is set to get remarried unless the partner is passed away.

    for muslim, if i'm not mistaken, one (a man) can marry more as far as he can equally and properly handle them. then, for remairrage, no need to divorce others.

    from legal point of view, in many areas, as far as you settle the divorse case of the previous marriage legally, you don't be forced to wait to get remarried.

    for individuals, it depends on your understanding. for me, particularly, if partners have children, they better wait long before getting remarried. no one knows; one may remarry the same person s/he divorced. and this will be very good for the children. plus good for the partners; because they can re-start the new partnership improving the relationship. the point is, please divorce peacfully. as it is said "a good quarrel is better than a bad peace".

    thank you

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    I waited till my d was final before I started dating. I figure 2 years after d at least! Whats the rush? I like cohabitation. Less messy!

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    I didn't know that there was a proper time. When you fall in love and you feel that you are ready to be married then that will be the right time. It is your choice no one elses. Good luck to you.

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    Wait until you know that you and the person that you are planning on marrying has some similar views on marriage and divorce. That's when you will know.

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    Truly, I don't think it's a time thing--except to say that I don't think you should date until your divorce is final. Those relationships that start during separation seem to end.

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