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Do you care?

Does anyone care that Michelle Wie came in last

when she played with the big boys in the PGA? Does

she need to just settle playing with the ladies?

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    In her defense, she does not seek it out - they come to her with big bucks up front to play as an added attraction to their's all hype.

    I do think, as many do, that she should win some women's events fact win a lot before teeing it up outside of the LPGA. Annika won a ton before playing with the guys, and then only did it as a novelty - she knows her true carreer is on the LPGA. Wiezie could take a lesson from her on this...

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    She did great learning to play under pressure. She was not expected to make the cut she was just an attraction. Sometimes you learn more losing than winning. She made one ton of money doing what she's doing and her sponsors will pay her more that 10 million dollars even if she finishes last. Technically she didn't finish last those golfer who with drew were officially behind her. She is better on the LPGA than Tiger would have been on the PGA at age 16. People should stop rejoicing in her failures and watch one of the greatest young phenoms in the history of golf. By the age of 21 she will dominate the LPGA and be making cuts on the PGA.

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    In the beginning, it was interesting to see how she would be able to handle herself against the guys. But as she went on attempt after attempt, my interest in her attempts waned. She was doing worse and worse and some of the players rebuttals that she was taking a spot from one of the men trying to gain a tour card actually made sense. I mean at first I thought it was just good that she actually tried to make a cut, but but after her fourth and fifth time, it just got boring.

    I want her to just stay on the LPGA and prove to everyone that she can compete at that level. I mean she still hasn't won on that tour and to say that she can compete on the men's tour is ridiculous. At least when Annika tried to do it, there was some creditability to her name. She has won majors and is one of the top forces on the LPGA tour. But Wie is just a long hitter that is young. She hasn't won anything, but she has been close a couple of times. I'd say just play with the ladies until you have proven to the men that you belong there.

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    i think wie should keep trying on the PGA. it is very entertaining watching her try and it is very admirable that she is trying to establish herself as participant on all the tours (PGA, LPGA, European and Asian tours) the PGA is the big show. why should wie be relegated to the LPGA just because she is a woman? i think wie is really raising the bar for all women golfers to try to make it on the PGA rather than just the noncompetitive LPGA. even if wie doesn't make it as a PGA winner, you can bet more girls are gonna follow her foot steps and try to compete with the men too soon.

    BTW, for all you that stated that you don't care because you find golf boring: wtf are you doing reading and responding to golf questions if you find it boring? if you don't like it, move on. nobody cares if you find golf boring.

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    I think that Wie should just play as one of the better ladies. She doesn't deserve to play with the big boys.

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    People are simply starting to lose interest in Wie's repetitive failures at the men's level. I think it would be great for her and for female golfers around the world if she did finally make a cut and compete, but everyone is simply growing weary of her disastrous attempts. I would like to add that I am a male (if that matters).

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    O.K. The only Female golfer that should play pn the PGA tour is sorenstam. She always whipes out the field.

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    i think that's all it would be.. settling, i think she a great talent, and will only way to improve is by playing against the men.

    that is her ultimate goal.. she needs to learn how to play against them, she can't do that playing against the women. the whole point is to play and compete against the men, it is her only goal.. good for her... go Michelle..

    fortunately for her.. it's the Professional Golfers Assocation and is open to all professional golfers..

    and after this last rider cup. i won't be suprised if she does make the team someday.. she couldnt do any worse than Phil .lolol

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    she needs for the MEDIA to leave her alone so she can play better when she plays with th men again

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    i really dont care for golf but if she want to club with the men then she should go for it....

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