how 2 dress for work?

ideas on the proper "dress code" for a legal secretary. in the office and courthouse


some thing else 2 add. low cut tops w/SHORT skirts when the female is very endowed and no size 2?? a little more to think about. have seen this in my home town

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    Think very professional since you work in a professional environment. Stick to dark colors, like black or navy suits, nothing trendy or too "out of the box." Also, look at what your boss wears and imitate.

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    business suits are nice. like pinstriped pants or knee length skirt and a matching jacket with a nice top underneath. You can get these at a department store at the mall, such as JC Penny, Macy's, or Sears. It should be pretty formal looking. And not too much jewelery. Some fine jewellery should be ok like a small chain necklace and small gold/silver looking earrings. nothing too flashy.

    hope this helps!

  • Defineitly a suit, but make it playful. Maybe a grey and pink pinstripe or a brown and blue set. Be sure to wear bright pumps. Stand out because the more you do the more people will pay attention to you. Be sure to make sure everything matches because that is the way to go when your in a business. Don't get a color blend of more than 3 colors.

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    I think the best work clothes is a shrunken blazer, (best in black or brown) matching pin-striped pants, and a shirt to go under it (pink, blue, green, etc!) Finish that look with some silver jewelry and heels that matches your shirt.

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    nice skirt

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    you shall consult with your boss

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