I'm a 17 years old girl, and I've never had a boyfriend. Guys just don't seem to be interested into me. Well, I don't think I look good either( I'm 5'5, 130 lbs long brown hairs and dark brown eyes) ... It's very depressing to see how everyone else has, or already had a boyfriend or girlfriend but not me..please help.

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    You don't have a boyfriend, so you probably won't get one for a while.

    You're still in school, so hit the books and get the best grades you can --that's your ticket to freedom and to college, and you don't have an excuse because you're not dating during the week.

    You're going to find much smarter and more intersting boys in college once you get there. The harder you study the better the boys around you are going to be.

    Second thing -- sneak around when no one notices and there are no witnesses and do a kindness or a favor for people (in secret and, whenever possible, anonymously).

    Third thing -- listen to a lot of instrumental music, especially the romantic classic music written from aboutg 1840 to about 1910.

    Fourth thing -- listen to your own voice. When you are speaking, do you end each sentence with a RISING voice that gets higher, almost as if you are asking a question when you aren't?

    Stop doing that. Break that habit. Now. When you speak, the last two or three words you say should get




    Ok? girls who don't know this have voices that get higher at the end of a sentence, and that reminds boys of their sisters' and mothers' whiny rants.

    As for love, itself. It really exists. Read all of Shakespeare's sonnets, slowly, out loud. It's there, you'll get hit by it sooner or later. Pretend to be patient.

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    No wonder ! Of course you won't get a date if you keep thinking negative thoughts of yourself. Sweety, don't focus on what everyone else has - you are your own person - they have the same things you have - all you need to do is look yourself in the mirror and re evaluate the way you think of yourself. If you project a positive self image you will naturally attract the opposite sex. Either way, don't buy into what society says - it's views on what a woman should look like and should wear are construed and jaded. Look deep into that mirror that i'm sure you pass by a million times and ask yourself why you aren't happy. Start a journal and document what makes you unhappy about your appearance or attitude and work on it ! You have the power to change ! You have the power to improve where you think you need improvement and trust me - focus on you - develop a positive perception of yourself - and trust me he'll come. Just have patience! Work on your self esteem first !

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    Have you ever heard the saying.... their's someone our there for everybody..... it's true.........your only 17 you have your whole life ahead of you..focus on other things such as school, family your future, you don't need boy's to mess thing up yet. Their's plenty of time for that later. I think once you stop thinking about having a boyfriend, one will start calling before you know it..

    I know it's hard but don't let other people's flings drag you down......your to young and you sound to pretty to be depressed..

    I would also like to add, the boys that you are around may not be good enough for you anyway, save yourself for the right one. {the night in shinning armour}

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    I was the same way at your age. It sounds like you don't have much self esteem, and that probably shows when you talk to guys. Stop worrying about having a boyfriend and just have fun and eventually guys will become interested. No matter what everyone says, you don't have to have a boyfriend at your age. Good luck! :)

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    I am 14 and i haven't had a boyfriend in a while and we have the same looks practically. I have brown hair, i am 5'2", 120lbs and brown eyes. don't feel bad. not everyone has a spouse like you think

    play it cool and try to meet a new guy that you like and become friends first and then ease into it. but like the person above me said ~!ove isnt everything~

    good luck

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    Never judge you self by having or not having a boyfriend. Guys your age want a skinny blonde, half naked, with no brains and of easy virtue....if reading Q/A on Yahoo is any indication of your generation. Its all pretty sad stuff , really. Work hard on your appearance...crucial at your age...and body, get the best grades you possible can, and read good stuff to gain confidence in yourself. Good luck and don't compare yourself to others.

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    There are lots of people who don't have their first boyfriend until they're in their 20s or later. Don't worry about it at 17, besides you've probably been around the same people for most of your life. Go to college, participate in extracurricular activites/clubs, and you'll get to meet more people.

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    You are very young, don't worry! At 17 your mix of people you hang with is very limited.

    MY advice for all lonely females is - join a gym and start pushing wieghts! Yes, the female/male ratio is always 10:1. And, you are making yourself look and feel better, too! Smile, be friendly, read papers and mags to keep up with events, try to be genuinely interested in other people, and you will be fine.

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    Please don't worry about it. I was in a similar situation many years ago. The world changed for me when I entered college. People there were more interested in me and I had a lot of boy friends. I may have gotten a late start, but I made up for it quickly.

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    You sound very pretty and you know what? Guys aren't everything in a girls life. It's okay if you don't have a guy yet. You are still very young and pretty. Be thankful that you aren't older and you still have a full life ahead of you.

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