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Is it true that in your teens you have to be examined by a gynecologist?

My parents told me about it, and I'm really scared. I don't want to do that.

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    It doesn't matter if ur a teenager or not. You need your first gynecological checkup when you first think of sexual intercourse. Your gyenecologist might suggest birth control methods and other gynecological health options. Remember that examination by a doctor does not need to be done on the first visit- first visit your doctor and get comfortable with her and be sure you trust her. Maybe you can let her know when you are ready. Also, have you told your mom about this?-she might have felt the same way when she started. Mothers can be the best confidants.

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    YES! You do not need to be sexually active nor over 18 to go get a pelvic checkup. Instead, it is highly recommended that women start getting examined after starting their menstrual periods.

    I know the idea probably makes you uncomfortable. I was scared, too. But once your reproductive tract starts to mature, you really need to make sure it is developing normally and that it is healthy. Not getting check-ups can mean bad news like infertility or cancer.

    A pelvic exam is not a sexual act. It is a simple medical procedure. It is an IMPORTANT exam that can ensure your overall health as well as healthy pregnancies down the line. A good physician can talk you through it and calm you down.

    BTW, you don't necessarily have to see a gynecologist to have a pelvic exam. Many general practice physicians can do a pelvic exam in their clinics. If your GP cannot do pelvic exams, s/he can provide you with a referral to a gynecologist.

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    I was told that only when a girl had started her period and then became sexually active then she should see a female doctor. Good luck on finding the right one if you have to go to one .There is one thing to remember find a doctor that you can sit and talk about anything that pertains to your body. Don't be shy ask question that is what they are there for.

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    Only if you are sexually active. If your parents make you go, it's not so bad. Make sure they take you to a doctor YOU want to see. Some women feel more comfortable with a man doctor, and some feel more comfortable with a woman doctor. Make sure you tell your parents who you prefer.

    Don't worry. It's not painful and doctors are professionals. Looking at that area down there is their job and they are doctors because they care about your health as a growing woman. So relax. It's only once a year unless you're pregnant.

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    I was never examined by a gyno until I had my first baby.

    For me a female doctor would sound just fine.

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    you only go to the gynecologist if you are a sexually active female

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    you know don't have to!!!!!!!!! I didn't until after I was married..didn't need to until I got pregnant with my first child. If you feel uncomfortable tell your parents you'd rather wait until you feel it's right.

  • yes, you do. usually once you start your period.

    no one ever told me this so when i went to have a physical done it was kinda like "surprise!"

    i was so uncomfortable b/c i never knew about this before hand!

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