Major or career?don't know the difference between both of them....?

I am in Venezuela,and there is something i dont underestand,my daugther goes to brown(she got a scholarship and is already there),and she says this first year she will choose a carreer,and talks about majors,minors etc.Well,now im lost!..if i want to study here,say,engeniring,i go to engeeniring school,or medical school if i want to be a doctor.So, how come she says she will decide it during the year?.Do you need majors to go on or what?.I suppose it will be easy for any of you to explain it,so,please,if someone could help me,i would appreciate it.

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    Universities typically offer degrees in many different subjects, perhaps with focus on certain careers. At first a student will enter and take classes for a general level of education (spanning across many subjects). During that time, the student has the option of choosing a certain focus (or changing it) for their studies, determining what kind of degree they get. The kind of degree they receive will influence career options.

    In many places, a student is given a certain amount of time to choose a major. After that, they MUST choose one before continuing.

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    A major is a particular course of study in one area, like engineering, medicine, law. A minor is a smaller emphasis of study. If you were to major in physics, you may minor in mathematics. A career is something you start after school and it is what you work in and get paid. If you know what your career will be when you get out of school, it is easier to study for it.

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