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Patrick Ringnalda, SCAM ARTIST!!!?

Have you heard of him? Don't fall for his email scams please. Also goes by the name of Sherry Duncan, Hensley Brainard, and John Harry. Patrick RINGNALDA < Thank you for your immediate prespond,I will be able to Use my shipper for the pickup of the item Okay? The cashier's check Payment will be issued today and will be mailed out asap but I would like to include an extra money on the cashier's check?that will be sent to you plus the sales of your item.The essence of the extra money is for my son to pay for his school fees at the Holland Metropolitan University in Netherland but I am not in the best position to send him this money because I am not holding cash right now but check okay? I would really appreciate your effort and

concern if you could cash the check and send him money via Western Union after you might have deducted the funds for the sales of your item plus+ an extra $30 for your time and effort in sending him the money via western union Okay?If you wish to sell your item and help us as regards this issue and willing to continue with this transaction,Kindly send me your name, address,and cell and office phone number for mailing the payment to you Okay? Upon recieving your

response,I shall have the payment sent out.Thank you so much in anticipation.With Regards P.S - Here is his name and shipping address:NAME젨젨젨 :?DENIES HARRISON ADDRESS젨?:?75 AMSTELPLEIN, CITY젨젨젨 :?AMSTERDAM COUNTRY젨?:?THE NETHERLANDS Contact me asap with your contact name and address to mail payment.Thank you

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    There are a couple of thousand scam artists out there, with a dozen basic schemes. If it involves Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal or any other African country, watch out. A lot of them mention Amsterdam, for some reason. Half of them use some Italian ISP - or some such - for their e-mail. Many others use Hotmail or Yahho mail.

    I get offers to be a "trade representative" 2 - 4 times a day. My spam filter stops 95% of them. All I have to do is collect checks from customers in the USA, deposit them in my account, deduct 10% for my trouble and forward the rest to a company in Hong Kong, Nigeria, China . . ..

    If someone you never met offers you money - either for a VERY easy service or for free - put one hand on your wallet and back away slowly, never taking your eyes off him. This is as true on the Internet as it is in New York City.

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    There are a lot of dishonest people in the world. A lot of them on E-bay.

    Unless it is a business, or a charity that can be reported to the Better Business Bureau, what can one do but not have anything to do with them?

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    It's really sad what the world has come to.

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    Yeah, watch out for that stuff.

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    No, dude, I think it's real!! I'll send him all I can! $47,368. Can you guys help Mr. Ringnalda, too??!, he NEEDS US!!!

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    hey thanks :)

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