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I need legal help immediately please!!!!?

I bought a car last year and my mom co-signed, (i dont have the greatest credit) . She came to my place of work 9-25-06 and took my car stating that since she is on the title, she feels entitled to it. Her car was recently totaled and she thinks because I live with my fiancee i can just use his, (b.s.!!!) I have proof that I have made every car and insurance payment. I went to her house the last 3 days and can't find my car. I told her either she gives it back or pays me the $2,000 iv'e paid into it and takes my name off, and she can have it and make the rest of the payments I am a single mom and cant afford a lot of attorney fees. Can someone please help? Im in tucson, az

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    If her name is also on the title, ( just because you co-sign don't mean you are on the title, just on the loan)

    But if she is listed as co-owner then she can legally come and get it, just the same as you could go over at 2 am and get it back.

    Fiind it in the middle of the night, take it back and change the locks on it

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    If you need "legal advice" this is not the place for professional help. Laws are different in each state. However, if your name is also on the title, and if it is registered and insured in YOUR name, then you can report it stolen. If you have proof that you have been making the payments, then she has no legal right to the vehicle just because she co-signed and her name is also on the title. Do contact an attorney in your area as soon as possible.

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    You've told us that both you and your mother's names are on the note. Whose name is on the title? That's what ultimately decides ownership. If the title is in both your names, you have an equal claim to the car. Make sure you have documentation of all your payments on both the note and the insurance. Then sue your mother for conversion of all amounts you've paid to date. Generally speaking, you can collect attorneys fees for an intentional tort like conversion.

    P.S. You're mom's a *****. Just FYI.

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    She is a co-signer, that means if you default on the loan she has to pay. You are the legal owner, her name will not appear on the title. I would call the police if you can deal with the rift it will make between you. Don't not make the payments, it will ruin your credit. Go take the car back and tell her, no way, I own the car, you have no rights to it. Call the police. That is stealing even if you are a co-signer.

    Good luck.

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    What is your mother thinking.

    are both your names on the title? make a police report that she has taken it. at least that will cover your butt if she hits and runs and denies that she has the car.

    Sound like a case for the PEOPLES COURT!!or Judge Judy. they both have web sites check it out.,

    get your receipts and checks together and copies of the bill of sale copy everything. If you can prove you have made the payments and paid the insurance she should have to repay you if she keeps the car. call a few lawyers you may be able to work something out. I know i would call peoples court. or there is always small claims Court in your state.

    you could always stop making the payments since she has it and let them repo it. It would be worth the 2000. to stick her

    I still don't know what she is thinking. I could never do this to one of my kids. Good luck

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    If her name is on the title, the car is hers. If both your names are on the title, then you own half. You can sue her for the money you paid in civil court, but that doesn't get the grocery shopping done.

    If you are on the title, go to the police. If you're respectful, they'll often intercede. If you can't find the car, you could conceivably report it as stolen.

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    Is your name on the title too? Then why aren't you entitled to it? Maybe ask the company you pay whether both of you are equal owners of the car and whether that means she needs to give you access and how you get it? You've been making all those payments to them, make them earn their money by answering you?

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    Geez, that's a nasty situation.

    If she co-signed then I don't think you can report it stolen (though that would be a horrible thing to do to your mom, justified or not).

    Unfortunately I'm afraid you are probably going to have to consult an attorney on this.

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    HI. I would contact your local courts. In ontario you have free duty council and check out the best legal site in canada. with access to court cases like yours and laws and the real laws.

    see justice of canada site on here as well. good luck

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