do you know all the answers to round 5, of gold rush?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    round 5

    challenge 1-beyonce,macauley caulkin,jen lopez,kate hudson,nick carter,

    challenge 2-chicago,the breakup,seal,lucy lui,horseback riding,plan de le tour,7&4,dragonfly,princeton,18

    challenge 3-pic 1- the x with lines, 2-flower3-pb, 4-lion, 5-cross, 6-883

    challenge 4-

    -taft, carmen electra,springer, rose,reds,traffic,seabiscuit,speilberg,isley,tedturner,wkrp,griffey,cincinnatis

    challenge 5- football

    challenge 6- ? forgot 1st part, 2nd part -20 million

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