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Hi, can you tell me what is G spot?

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    the g-spot is a bundle of nerves within the vaginal canal that often produces pleasurable sensations when stimulated. To find it, place your finger into your vagina with your palm facing up. Slide your finger along the front wall until you feel a kind of spongy and ridged area. You cannot start out stimulating this area though... begin as you normally would during masturbation and then explore the different pressures and sensations placed upon that area.

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    I can show ya! ;o)

    Um.. seriously... I will but I can't say it won't be deleted for content... On a women there is the obvious, the clitoris, but then if you put pressure on the back side of it from the inside, usually about an inch or two inside her on the front side, it usally gets things going... I'm sure ya know what I mean...

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    its a nerve inside the virgina and is what produces the orgasim

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    I'll have to show you..let me see..........

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