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how can one discover and pursue one's true passion despite being forced into a box by the world around us?

I read a statistics that 47% of people surveyed by a career development agency were found to be dissatisfied with what they do to earn a living. It didn't say what the total number of people surveyed was or who they were, but to me the accuracy of this information is less important, because I happen to relate to this conclusion.

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    You may be suprised to learn that nobody is forcing you into a box--or anything else. Actually nobody gives a darn so don't be so paranoid. If people are dissatisfied with their job--then look for another one. If you can't find one, ask yourself why nobody wants you. You might find you have nothing they could possibly want (no suitable skills, no interest beyond what THEY are going to PAY YOU. Waht use are you? Waht did you bring to the place of work that would make you invaluable? Believe it or not, I'm not trying to knock you down. I KNOW you're shy and feeling like a useless ---- . We've ALL been there! You have to wake up, decide what YOU would like to be. Look for a training school that will teach you even the smallest beginnings. If you can't afford to go--apply for a Student's loan. Study, learn. Apply for jobs WITHIN THAT FIELD during summer holidays (Example: No use getting a job with MacDonald's if you want to be (say) house painter. Try to get on with a house painting company stripping down siding. If you want to be a Botanist--apply at any Greenhouse for the summer. It's not much--BUT IT SHOWS YOU HAVE A MIND OF YOUR OWN AND YOU MEAN TO GET AHEAD. If you want to be a drummer in a band--get any darn job that will provide you with the money for a drum and lessons. Get it? Don't be so paranoid. Nobody is keeping anybody in a box--but themselves.

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    It's not about you.

    The purpose of your life is much greater than your own personal fulfillment. We ask self-centered questions such as What do I want to be. What should I do with my life.

    You won't find your life's meaning by looking within yourself. I'm sure you have already tried that. We are here for a much larger reason than that.

    Read the book "The Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren. It's not a self-help book. Self-help is no help at all. Self-sacrifice it the way...

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    if you are passionate enough about your passion, you will not let the weight of the world deter you from it. where there is a will there is also a way. research the career path that you enjoy and go for it! step out of the box and out on faith! you may be surprised at the outcome...good luck

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