when was king alfred born?


i really need it

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    Here are all facts about King Alfred:-

    Alfred (the Great) (849-899) was the king of the West Saxons (871-899), and one of the outstanding figures of English history. Born in Wantage in southern England, Alfred was the youngest of five sons of King Ethelwulf. On the death of his brother Ethelred Alfred became king, coming to the throne during a Danish invasion. Although he succeeded in making peace with the Danes, they resumed their marauding expeditions five years later, and by early 878 they were successful almost everywhere. About Easter of 878, however, Alfred established himself at Athelney and began assembling an army. In the middle of that year he defeated the Danes and captured their stronghold, probably at present-day Edington. During the following 14 years Alfred was able to devote himself to the internal affairs of his kingdom. By 886 he had captured the city of London, and soon afterward he was recognized as the king of all England.

    In 893 the Danes invaded England again, and the following four years were marked by warfare; eventually, the Danes were forced to withdraw from Alfred's domain. The only ruler to resist Danish invasions successfully, Alfred made his kingdom the rallying point for all Saxons, thus laying the foundation for the unification of England.

    Alfred was a patron of learning and did much for the education of his people. He began a court school and invited British and foreign scholars, notably the Welsh monk Asser and the Irish-born philosopher and theologian John Scotus Erigena, to come there. Alfred translated such works as The Consolation of Philosophy by the Roman statesman and philosopher Boethius, The History of the World by the Spanish priest Paulus Orosius, and Pastoral Care by Pope Gregory I. Alfred's laws, the first promulgated in more than a century, were the first that made no distinction between the English and the Welsh peoples.


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    When Was King Alfred Born

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    King Alfred (849 - 899)

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    Alfred was born sometime between 847 and 849 at Wantage in the present-day ceremonial county of Oxfordshire (though historically speaking in the traditional county of Berkshire). He was the fourth son of King Ethelwulf of Wessex, by his first wife, Osburga.

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    Assuming you mean Alfred the Great of Wessex, scholars believe he was born sometime between 847 and 849.

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    If you mean Alfred the Great he was born 849 AD and died 899 AD, hope that helps!

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    Alfred was born in A.D. 849, at Wantage in Berkshire

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    Alfred the Great - the cake burner!

    He was born circa 850.

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    849..... as a matter of fact he is still alive and well, living on an island off the coast of Madagascar, with Elvis, and Jim Morrison. Oh, I read that wrong...I guess he's Dead.

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