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What are some (newer) movies worth watching?

I'm looking for movies that have come out on DVD in the past year that are really worth watching. Any genre is fine. I'm overseas and movies here are 6months-1year behind movies in the US. Thanks for your help!


Right after I posted this, I realized I should have been a little more specific: NO ADULT MOVIES, please!

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    Something already out on DVD in the USA for about a year? Try CINDERELLA MAN with Russell Crowe. I thought it was a great movie and not just because Mr. Crowe's a hottie. It was a good story.

    Something that's not out on DVD yet but will be good for you to see in the future, THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA. Meryl Streep is priceless as the fashion magazine editor.

    INVINCIBLE, which is out in theaters right now, was pretty good, too, but haven't seen that many good movies lately. You don't have to be a football fan to enjoy this story of a bartender who makes the NFL (National Football League).

    OVER THE HEDGE, an animated film, was funny and fairly entertaining.

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    Not sure if you are into art/indie or just the big ones. Or bollywood?

    Here's a list of the ones I loved in 2005:



    Batman Begins


    Sin City

    The Constant Gardener

    V for Vendetta

    A History of Violence

    Cinderella Man

    Good night, and good luck

    Wedding Crashers

    War of the Worlds

    The Island

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    Legend. It's full of feirys, dwarfs, demons, unicorns.. it's a good classic to have. It has tom cruise, I don't like him, but this movie is back when noone knew who he was and the good taste and style of the movie is what won me over.

    Goonies,.. is also a good classic.

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    The Island is a really good movie!

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    Transporteur II

    Just like heaven


    The family stone


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    Grandma's Boy.

    its a comedy and i think that its one of the best funny movies i have ever seen in my entire life. its really good.

    its funnier if your smoke weed but if you dont its still pretty damn funny.

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    denzil washington and clive owen movie called ..inside job.....very very good

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    v for vendetta and lucky number slevin

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    little big man

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