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這是我自己邊參考課本邊寫下來的作文 題目叫 令我後悔的事

請大家批評指教! 我是要打算考英文系 作文特別弱0.0


My Regret

Everyone more or less has an unsmooth studying path in his life. For me, as same as someone else,

have an inbrillant path in entering high school. That is my regret. Why the thing make me be regret with?

Here is my story. I got my grade paper after I had joined the High-school Entrance Exam last summer.

And at that night, after I had chosen what I can to fill the student’s voluntary card, I went to bed without double check

When the exam results released, I was surprised at the school which was not in my voluntary card! I examine it

again with what I Had chosen before, I found the mistake that I had chosen common Ta-Tong high school into private

Ta-Tong high school! How regrettable experience it was!

Although I can’t recall what I do afterward, I know I succeed in changing the wrong one into right in consequence.

As a result, I will be more careful to check everything until everything is assured right if I got the chance to select options!

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    the Regret of mine

    Everyone might have had a harsh studying process in her or his life, more or less.

    as For me, the same as other people who used to have an disgraceful period of entering high school in their life. however, such experience was my big regret. Why such matter had made me being so regretful for?

    Here is my story.

    I received my score notification of the High-school Entrance Exam after I had joined it in last summer. at that night, after I had filled up my aspirational card which sent to me with the notification for choosing which high school i wanted to study in, I sealed it off for sending it out on next day and then i went to bed without doing a double check.

    When the final outcome of the entrance exam revealed, I was totally shocked for the assignment of my school because the school was not my idea on the aspirational card! I examined it again with what I had chosen before, I found the mistake actually came from an incorrect mark that I was chosing Ta-Tong high school but accidently i marked the Ta-Tong private high school! How could i be so mindless like this?!

    Although I can't really recall everything of what I had done for helping myself out from such embarrassment afterward, I could only know I had succeed in changing the wrong option into the right in consequence.

    As for a conclusion of mine, I will be more careful and cautious for checking everything out until everything is assured if I could have the chance to make a serious call!

    well, you surely composed a good story of your own, but you only need to enhance your sense to all tenses of composing. i believe it is your weakness now but it will not keep bothering you as long as you had spent your energy on some grammar concepts of tense, eventually you shall get your effort someday.

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    the aspiration is like your personal inclination, it can give you motive to do something voluntarily, but being volunteer is actually base on your own will and doing something for nothing, that is why i changed your voluntary card into aspirational card.

    Source(s): you may compare the differences of my rewrite with your original composition.
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