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請給我妮利費塔朵 解放的歌詞

請給我妮利費塔朵 解放的歌詞




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    Promiscuous(feat. Timbaland)[N:] Am I throwin’ you off?Nope[N:] Didn’t think soHow you doin’ young ladyThat feelin’ that you givin’ really drives me crazyYou don’t haveta play about the jokeI was at a loss of words first time that we spokeLooking for a girl that’ll treat you rightYou lookin’ for her in the day time with the lightYou might be the type if I play my cards rightI'll find out by the end of the night[N:] You expect me to let you just let you hit itBut will you still respect me if you get itAll I can do is try, gimme one chanceWhat’s the problem I don’t see no ring on your handI be the first to admit it, I’m curious about you, you seem so innocent[N:] You wanna get in my world, get lost in itBoy I’m tired of running, lets walk for a minute[Chorus]Promiscuous girlWherever you areI’m all aloneAnd it's you that I want[N:] Promiscuous boyYou already knowThat I’m all yoursWhat you waiting for?Promiscuous girlYou're teasing meYou know what I wantAnd I got what you need[N:] Promiscuous boyLet's get to the pointCause we're on a rollAre you ready?[Verse][N:] Roses are redSome diamonds are blueChivalry is deadBut you're still kinda cuteHey! I can't keep my mind off youWhere you at, do you mind if I come through[N:] I’m out of this world come with me to my planetGet you on my level do you think that you can handle it?They call me Thomaslast name CrownRecognize gameI'm a lay mine's down[N:] I'm a big girl I can handle myselfBut if I get lonely, I’ma need your helpPay attention to me I don't talk for my healthI want you on my team[N:] So does everybody else.Baby we can keep it on the lowLet your guard down ain’t nobody gotta knowIf you with it girl I know a place we can go.......字數限制,參考:

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