Problem installing new light switches and outlet in bathroom?

I recently tried to install new silent light switches and an GFCI outlet in my bathroom. The switches are in one box and the outlet in another box next to that one. I turned off the power and installed everything. The light switches work but the outlet doesn't. I tried switching the wires and even re-installing the old one but it didn't work either.

Any ideas on what I did wrong? A friend mentioned that the two boxes might share a common wire that could be causing the outlet to not work. Any help would be great!

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    You definitely should not be doing this work yourself. First statement you made: "I tried switching the wires" is very bad. Trial and error is not the way to do electrical work. Just because it "works" does not mean it is safe. You installed the old one and it still doesn't work. Hard to say what you did to it, and can't tell from your question. You need to get an electrician to look at it, and also have him check the light switch is done right.

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    there could be a shared nutral in the line somewhre which is against NEC05 for GFI circuits.

    are you sure you installed the GFI corectly?

    line is your input power, load is the output and most of the time its just one set of wires in there...romex 12-2 with yellow sheething if its the newer wire.

    try plugging in one of those outlet testers with a GFI test buttom...

    also get a Greenlee non contact voltage detector from home depot.

    kill the power to the GFI and see if all the wires are dead

    if you dont know whats going on, call an electrician...he will get your power back up and running in no time as well as prevent any electrical fires and keep it all to code.

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    without seeing the actual installation it is hard to tell, the lack of a common would be a good guess, but becaues this is in a bathroom, might be time to call a licensed electrician. a little $ over the end result of wrong instillation not good. Oh did I mention120/60 cycles is perfect setup to kill you, that is what the heart works on. Your call.

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    ha I look for key comments and assume stupidity ...(chuckles): you say both devices are "Next" to each other...which in many cases yet not usually in a bathroom, an outlet next to a switch is powered up by the when you walk in and turn the light on the outlet or part of it is livened up...many homeowners ive seen do this...thus...your situation...I recommend to get someone with the proper equipment to test this...and rewire it per code...

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    GFCI outlets need to be activated every after power is disconnected or after first installation. are you sure you pushed that red button to set it after you finish installation?

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    Is there a ground wire to the GFCI? It will not work without a ground. Black wire to gold screw, white wire to silver screw, both to the LINE side of the GFCI.

    Source(s): General contractor.
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