about my reaction if he doesn’t wear his ring?

My boyfriend and I getting married in November and we went to the store to choose the ring for each other, but today he ask me about my reaction if he doesn’t wear his ring and I got mad already. What do you think?

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    He doesn't have to wear his ring and for that matter, neither do you. Marriage isn't about the ring. If he doesn't want to wear it ask him why and you two can work it out. My husband told me before our wedding that he wasn't going to wear his, but after we got married he changed his mind, he wears it all the time, only takes it off for showers. I wouldn't get all worked up over it, its not really that big of deal and he might change his mind after you guys get married.

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    This is what I think:

    Some men just don't like to wear jewelry. It doesn't necessarily mean he doesn't love you. It doesn't make you any less married. It doesn't mean he is cheating on you, if that's what you are thinking. If there are no other issues, I'd just let that go & not make a big deal out of it.

    If you like your ring & want to wear it all the time, go for it. If you don't, then don't. Being married does not require you to wear rings. Other things will come up in a marriage over the years that are bigger than that. Save your arguments for the really important issues. Good luck

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    Sounds like you're glued to the tradition of the ring. It shows people that you are married. If the ring is covered by paper, or something he's working on or working with, people won't see it anyway. Women and men approach married people, even with the ring on. The world has changed, so stop getting p!ssed about sh!t that won't matter. He knows he's married, and I'm sure it'll come out of his mouth. If a man walked up to you, looked at your ring, and still hit on you, where's the difference? It's about how the matter is handled.

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    Well I never wear my ring any more. It got caught at work one day and I almost lost my finger. I usually wear it when I am not at work. So don't get mad.

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    Well I'm married and my husband never wears his ring It's OK by me he knows he's married.

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    I think there are much more important things to worry about - why do you get mad, is it because you don't trust him?

    My fiance has opted not to wear a wedding ring at all- his choice and fine by me.

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    It would raise my eyebrow if my husband told me he didn't want to wear a ring and didn't explain why. However, people who work in manual labor or electronics often don't wear rings. Depending what his rationale was for it, I guess - I would expect my husband to be happy to wear a wedding ring. One can always choose something that's comfortable, and size it properly.

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    it's a strange feelign for a guy to get used to, and depending on work sometimes we can't / shouldn't wear it. I usually took mine off at work and put it in my toolbox, ( I worked on aircraft, you definately don't wanna get that snagged inside a turbine) but wore it all the other times. After your married I'm sure he'll wear it more, it's a symbol of what you have, he'll get that eventually.

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    tell him that the ring shows the love that he has for the marriage between the both of you and if he dont wear it then you and him dont need to get married

  • him wearing the ring is a symbol of the love he has for you i bet he just asked you that to see what you will say good luck to the both of you

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