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does christianity apply to alien worlds? how would they know about jesus? does this mean jesus isnt universal?

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    Obviously if we can find another planet with oil it will be our Manifest Destiny to liberate it from any false religious doctrines they may have picked up on the intergalactic net while offering them a fair market price for said oil, (after we've got control of the market). Then installed a puppet government and irritant State v. nearby and killed most of them in the name of love of our Lord (not to be confused w. free love). Of course Jesus is universal, it is hardly our fault that the universe is not big enough and that they are developing WMD's and wear dubious beards.

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    And if you were to meet an alien and he told you he was a Christian, you would get down on your knees and worship, would you?

    How can you assume Christianity does not apply to alien worlds, if there be any? Why wouldn't they know about Jesus the same way we know about Him?

    Are you really that limited in your thinking?

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    Do you really think that a hypothetical question involving unproven beings can answer a question as to whether Jesus is universal?

    Does your intelligence apply on alien worlds? How would they know of your intelligence? Does this mean that you are a universal moron?????

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    How do you know there are "alien worlds"? There is no irrefutable evidence that life exists outside of this planet.

    If there were, I am sure God would make provisions for them as well.

    Jesus is God, part of the triune Godhead and is very universal.

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    Maybe Jesus has already been there. There could be a green or purple Jesus on another world, you know.

    And how do we know that these other world have sinned? Maybe they are still innocent.

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    definite. I do each and every of the time. I used KJV even as interpreting myself. and that i have maximum Bibles. I truly have them suitable on-line too at my information superhighway website and in my communities. The NWT new testomony has merely be accessible and in English merely on condition that 1950, the completed NWT on condition that 1960. Jehovah's Witnesses used KJV in the previous that when which American prevalent and some different Protestant verses besides. they merely lately went out of print with us as they are really basic to get elsewhere and on-line. Debbie Edited to operate: gray Tower, there are a reliable many different Bibles that use God's call contained in the NT yet they do it in Hebrew. The sacred call Bibles of different church of Yahweh do (they spell Jesus Yeshua frequently too although). The 2001 on-line Bible made by impartial students and the Nazarene pals Bible and that i imagine some others also do besides....others use footnotes that the NT texts are places the position God's call looks as they are direct rates of such verses contained in the OT. Edited back to operate: i visit't trust someone reported the KJV Bible is the Bible Jesus gave. The oldest translation of KJV merely dates lower back to 1611. the present revision of it continues to be called that, yet is from 1769 (in accordance to KJV resources). as far as i comprehend, English changed into no longer even in use in Jesus' time, a minimum of no longer everywhere close to the places he and the apostles preached to contained in the content textile of the NT. the shortcoming of precise information about even the finest of historic information merely astounds me about human beings in religions.

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    Jesus does not address aliens...Maybe he knew we couldn't Him correctly even on this small planet. Why give us more than our small minds can handle. He promised he wouldn't or don't you know that? read, man, read!!!!!!!!

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    God has thousands names....... maybe Jesus visiting with a diffrent name and has diffrent life and goes back to heaven peacefully

  • Or maybe it means Earth is the only planet with life on it?

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    1 decade ago

    do you really believe in aliens?

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