Does anyone else think that,Joe, Jessica Simpsons dad needs to butt out?

I feel very bad that the marriage between Jess & Nick didnt work but all along i have said that joe didnt care for nick cause he took his baby and to this day i believe that is why jess and nick are not together. I read that joe had pushed her to have the divorce but i bet now she wishes she didnt because you can tell she still loves nick.... Does anyone else feel the same? or do you feel differently?


All along we have been hearing tha Nick cheated on Jess while they were married and that was the cause of the divorce. Well I just read that Bam Margera from Jacka$$ told Howard Stern on his live radio show that on April 11 whle Jess was still married to Nick she had slept with Bam....Now who was doing the cheating...Also Ashley, her sister had the big after party of her musical debut in london Jess was there and was very depressed got up and said she didnt want to be there and why wont people just leave her alone..Joe said they are walkling on eggshells with her right now due to depression well does anyone else think that maybe daddy joe pushed to much and make her make a decision she is now regretting? I now feel really bad for her she cant live her own life daddy has to be in charge!!Shes an adult he needs to let her go and make her own decisions....anyone else agree or what are your thoughts?

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    I agree with you. He is such a hypocrite, how can a man of God push his daughter to divorce? If anything he should of helped them communicate better, Jessica is an air head for letting her Dad call the shots on every aspect of her life. Nick was so good to her and tolerated her stupidity on TV in front of everyone to see. I don't like Joe and i don't agree with how he pushes his girls and i know sex sells but he was a Pastor at one point in life ... where do you draw the line?

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    Joe Simpson is a nosy father. I have read in so many different magazines that he did not like Nick and he was happy when the divorce went through. He also told Jessica that she needs to work harder because her album "A Public Affair" did not do very well and Nick sold more than twice as much with his solo album. Joe Simpson is too involved in Jessica and Ashley's life (that's how Ashley became famous because the truth is, she can't sing).

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    Actually everyone says the Bam thing is not true. They both say its not. Their parents and they don't like people bringing it up. So thats off the record.

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    His kids are stupid and he is even stupider. When they are together they can make sense. Nick just realized it after. Who wants to be in a relationship with co-dependant siblings and paternal bullsh*t always saying "define me! define me!"

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    I do think it's odd that a girl who waited for her true love and maintained her virginity, would all of a sudden fall out of love and leave him within 3 years....

  • i agree for much so!!i think that her dad is way to into her life...she is a grown woman and i think that he still tells her what to do way too much...i mean as far as i hear and see..but i dont know them..there might be more to the story then what i know..maybe there are other reasons then what the public hears!!!

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    yes anytime your parents won't let you live you life is a bad thing.

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