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Belinda Stronach and Tie Domi Come On!?

What is the world coming to Haven't talked to Blinda but im sure she is way above the caveman mentality of Tie ( Yes I have talked to him) I guess talking about yourself really dose get you some ware in life. Am I the only one that can't frigen believe this or what?

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    Who cares? I mean, it's a story from T.O.--strike one. Involving a Make Belief player--strike two. And an overrated blonde--strike three.

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    Belinda Stronach Tie Domi

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    There's probably some truth to it, but the media probably exaggerated most parts to get an interesting story though it's funny Domi or Stronach hasn't said anything about this.

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    Who would want to go out with an @$$ faced goon who's face looks like a grilled buger ?? Stronach is a huge idiot anyways and Tie Domi man ??? He's not just low when it comes to NHL players,,, he's low when it comes to human beings

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    As my mother would say, it'd be a shame to spoil two houses with 'em.

    I can't believe anybody would go for Tie Domi, though. He looks like somebody crossed Ernest Borgnine with Quasimodo, and he has absolutely no class as a player -- total goon.

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    Domi retire finally let's stop talking about this guy he is **** not worth talking about.

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    Tell me about it. I laughed when I first heard it in the news yesterday. I mean, it's ok to have marriage problems but, to do the "nasty" with a politician??!! C'mon. I don't think he would support her in "that" way. LOL

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    Personally I despise both of them.

    Domi is and was worthless in hockey.

    Stronach...Well she's a liberal so enough said there.

    I would have liked to see dumi's ex-wife "take him to the cleaners"

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I know, any Leaf scoring is a surprise, and Tie, Wow..

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    If you take the name

    Tie Domi

    and make an anagram out of it, you get

    Me Idiot.

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