Explain the impact that George Lucas's film Star Wars had on the production/release of Films?

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    The main change that occurred in film production and release due to Star Wars was the escalation of tie-in merchandising. Lucas had the good sense to write into his contract with 20th Century Fox that he would have EXCLUSIVE rights to handle toys and other merchandise, and he FLOODED the market with that cr@p (you may be too young to remember; but I was 6 when Episode 4 came out, and I was DEVASTATED that my parents wouldn't buy for me all the cool vehicles and action figures all my friends had). It was that windfall that allowed him to finance Skywalker Sound, Industrial Light and Magic, Pixar Studios, and all the other moviemaking tools that we take for granted today. Today, it would be unheard of to have some sort of big summer popcorn film that DIDN'T have tie-in toys, clothing, Happy Meals, and every other damn thing under the sun you can think of -- it's all just a big pile of money, waiting for the studios to grab it!

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    I'd say that the finance people at film studios had the dollar sign roll round their eyeballs when they relised just how much money could be made from one film so they started to push for big budget, big publicity blockbuster type films that would make serious wads of cash. So I would say the main effect Star Wars had was to make film companies push films with publicity far more as they new there was a chance to make millions globally on a movie which had never been done before on that scale.

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    Look at all the advancements in digital effects. George Lucas has influenced how alot of movies are made. Like in Pearl Harbor, Industrial Light & Magic did alot of the digital effects in the movie, and in many other movies.

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    He was kicked out of the directors union for not having credits in the begining of the film, So I suppose he proved that unions are a waste.

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