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How many electrons, neutrons, and protons are in phosphorus? What is it's Atomic number and Mass Number?

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    phosporus nitrogen group Va atomic number 15, with 15 protons, 15 neutrons and electrons, Electron config. : [Ne] 3s2 3p3 primary common nominal isotope atomic weight 30.973762

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    Phosphorus- P

    Depending if the atom is neutral the number of electrons= 15

    Number of Neutrons= 16 if you round the mass number to 31

    Protons= 15

    Atomic Number= 15 by the way this is the same thing as number of protons

    Mass Number= 30.97

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    How many electrons, neutrons, and protons are in phosphorus? What is it's Atomic number and Mass Number?

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    Phosphorus Atomic Number

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    (a) 18 protons (b) 13 neutrons (c) atomic number 18 Explanation: 1. The number of electrons gives you a clue to the number of protons because they are always the same. This will also give you the atomic number. In short: Number of electrons = Number of Protons = Atomic number 2. Mass number - neutrons and protons make up the mass of the atom so if you add: protons + neutrons = Mass number (atomic mass) Hope I've answered your question.

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    Phosphorus ATOM:

    Atomic Number: 15

    Mass Number: 31

    Number of electrons/ protons = atomic number = 15 (2 in inner shell, 8 in second shell, 5 in third shell).

    Number of neutrons = mass number - atomic number = 31 -15 = 16


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    1.Phosphorous is an element withSymbol:"P" .

    2.Atomic Number:"15"

    3.Atomic Mass: 30.97amu.

    4.Phosphorus is a very reactive element and is classified as a non-metal.

    5.Plants and animals need phosphorus to survive.

    6.When you go looking for it, you can find it in the soil. You will also find it in baking soda, making china, fireworks, fertilizers, and glass making.

    7.There are 15 electrons in a Phosphorus atom.

    8.Phosphorus has 15 protons

    9.And 15 neutrons in its nucleus.

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    5 electrons 27 neutrons and 12 protons

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