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離婚不只是一種法律狀態的改變, 更是具有多方面意義的複雜行為.

對離婚當事人而言,離婚代表了分離. 遺棄, 形成人生中的重大心理壓力與危機考驗.

研究離婚,可以從個人面來了解,強調丈夫. 妻子和子女之間的關係及變化.



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    Divorce is not just a change of legal status, but also a complex step involving various signification.

    To the couple involved, divorce means separation and abandonment, and will bring forth significant psychological pressure and a heavy load of crisis handling .

    Researching divorce helps one understand from a personal point of view and emphasizes the relationship and changes between husbands, wives and their children.

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    The divorce not only one kind of legal condition change, is has the

    various significance the complex behavior Speaking of divorces the

    litigant, the divorce has represented the separation The abandonment,

    forms in the life the significant pressure and the crisis tests The

    research divorce, may understand from individual that, emphasizes the

    husband Between wife and children's relations and change


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