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How were the Native Americans exploited during the Colonial period?

I need to write an essay and need some examples, some details would help. Thanks

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    Well it really depends if you are talking about the 13 colonies or just colonies in general. But the 13 colonies exploited the Native Americans as savages and they pushed them out of there land and said that they were only good as slaves. And many colonist before African slaves became a big hit sold Native Americans to the colonies in the carribeans. Some colonist intermarried with the Native Americans. Now a writer named William Byrd wrote about the French and there efforts to keep Natives and French from intermarrying. During the wars the British wrapped Natives in small pox blankets (the start of chemical warfare) and sent them back to there tribes to infect everyone else with in there camp. They were treated as dogs and pushed out of there land. It was more like genocide what the colonist and spaniards did to the Native Americans. Now in your essay you can talk about the first colonist and the rumors that circulated around England about America and there "savages" and how people like John Smith can handle them. Then you can talk about the English pushing the Native Americans further west from there land even after the Natives helped them survive. Then you can talk about the slave trading with the Natives and the Intermarriage between the colonist. You should also read William Byrds story Southern Plantation to get a good idea and to help you on your essay. Then you can talk about the killings and the chemical warfare of the Native Americans. Also you can talk about constent feuding between the French and British and how it caused Natives to fight against each other like in Pontiac's rebellion one of his own people killed him because the bounty put on Pontiacs head by the British. Then finish it off restating your introduction paragraph or you know what write your introduction last but when your writing your paper have it first on your paper, because many times people write there introduction first and they stray off from what there intro was mainly talking about and you don't want to do that.

    Good luck!!!!!!

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    Guns, Germs, & Steel.

    1. Guns : The Americans had far better weaponry than the Native Americans. They couldn't stand a chance. But the biggest killer was.....

    2. Germs. : The biggest killer was diseases brought over by the Europeans, especially smallpox. The Native Maericans weren't exposed to this sicknesses and immunity wasn't in their gene pool, so they died much more faster than the Europeans. Europeans had become used to this disease and eventually got more and more immune. For more detail, go to the source.

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    I don't have enough time to tell you all of the abuse they endured. There are countless sources. try any encyclopedia. Read a book called "A Century of Dishonor."

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    are you serious? well they had land stolen, and were given blankets as a "gift" from europeans...blankets that were carrying smallpox, which wiped out many of them so the whites could take their land

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    ummmmm...disease infected blankets

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