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If you are severly depressed for 3 years..can that cause brain damage?

I've been in it for almost a three year episode now. How long can one stay relativley sane when having severe depression? Usually I would would have 6 month to a year episodes...butthis one is stronger and longer...can anyone relate


I've had meds and therapy ..all kinds and no dice

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    Are you being treated by a psychiatrist? You absolutely should be seeing a doctor and being treated with medication and therapy! You don't have to suffer anymore. And yes, severe stress and depression over time can affect your brain permanately making you even more unable to deal with issues. Also, it affects your physical health, your immune system, can cause pre-mature aging, cell death and a heap of other problems. Stop waiting around, why aren't you getting help yet? Medication can help with the depression. You probably have Major depression.

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    Yes. I know how you feel. Im pretty sure that you wont 'get' brain damage from being depressed. Causation is probably the other way around, rather you may 'get' depressed because of some chemical dysfunction in the brain, which is treated with antidepressants (which Im sure youre aware of). There is such a thing as chronic depression which may be something you should read up on.

    You can get stuck in a mindset of being depressed, that the longer you stay in the harder it is to come out of as you do fewer and fewer positive things in your life as a result of your depression and life seems less and less enjoyable.

    I think you should think about 1. antidepressants if you havent already to lift you out of the pit enough to do positive things

    2. Try and force yourself to keep busy and occupied. This is so hard when youre depressed. It has been shown though that ruminating (dwelling on the problem) significantly worsens depression. If you can do something to keep your mind occupied it relieves the symptoms. 3. Get some psychological input to treat the root of the problem (whatever that may be) as drugs only cover up the symptoms. I think Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is very helpful for depression as it tackles the way you think, which is partly what keeps you depressed. Psychologically speaking, one theory is that when you repeatedly think in a depressing, negative way, the neuronal pathways carrying this negative information throughout your brain become more dominant and that becomes the typical way of thinking, requiring the least amount of effort. Changing the pathways is difficult, but by forcing your mind to think differently you are forging new neuronal pathways that with repeated use, grow more dominant until eventually they ovveride the negative thinking. The brain has incredible plasticity.

    Good luck and try to remind yourself how your situation could be worse, to put things in perspective. Also, I found the Dalai Lama's Guide to Happiness a very useful tool xx

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    i have been bi-polar for almost twelve years now. there has been no brain damage. but being honest with my phsy, dr. about my addictions so that i get the right meds for my drastic moods and depressionhas helped today. its been a long twelve years but there is so much more tested meds on the market now. when it gets bad for a couple of weeks i start talking to my wife that allready knows, and my dr. at those times, all the small or big bs going on in my life, i just dont let it stress me out. because i do not like feeling like that, so i ask for help allways. good luck.

    Source(s): bi-polar association of america has a good web site. look on back of med liteture for depression in dr,s office.
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    You really need to get some help. Right away. If you have had depressive episodes before, you should seriously consider taking an antidepressant medication. You don't have to be on it for life, but you will be amazed at how much better you feel. Get an appointment immediately. Made a huge difference for me.

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    if you have depression then your brain is already not functioning properly.. get yourself to a doctor, any general practitioner, or psychiatrist, and get yourself some meds..

    good luck with it!!

    if you need somebody to talk to, my page has a link, and you can get a hold of me.. ive been there.. im going on a bout 2 years at this point and still not feeling like my old self..


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    No deppression is not like a virus you cant get brain damage from being deppressed. All you really should do is get a therapist and maybe take some medication.

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    Your meds are probably not working ....go see your doctor.

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    Who says you are sane... it probably is brain damage.

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